NSA Mind Control to 911 for Evil New World Order


CASE NO.: tbd


Federal Bureau of Investigations


Wake up America! 125 gathered facts below Spying & the tip of iceberg NSA is not just wiretapping but remote viewing manipulating minds! THE FOCUS cleverly diverted with tangibles, excuses, SSP, & scapegoats, WHITEWASHING HISTORY with cover ups, and MASSIVE mind control since 1947 birth of CIA/Nat’l Securities Act, Mind Control technology-Spying to Nefarious uses-Hijacking US.

COINTELPRO Mind Control Corruptions using PSYCHOTRONICS & Synthetic Telepathy that have carefully brought DOWN AMERICA! Your life is being guided behind the scenes without your knowledge!

VETERANS MIND CONTROL AND DREAMS AS FALSE POST TRAUMATIC STRESS SYNDROME with Agent Orange VIETNAM LAW SUIT emulated by mind control NSA attacking the Nervous System!

1 Did you know that AMERICANS can’t wake up after 50 years because they have been transmitted not to, & to Strongly disbelieve this could ever be ALL shockingly true? A known hypnosis suggestion called Mind Control! Eyes Wide Shut & always missing the mark because it is not tangibles controlling THE PEOPLE but also coupled with directed sound waves to your mind in a DYSFUNCTIONAL AMERICA! SELF DENIALS & mind controlled individuals!
2 Did you know Mind Controlled News is NOW being fabricated & manufactured overtly to WHITEWASH & discredit these truths? Brainwashed NOT TO BELIEVE THIS!
3 Did you know Mind Controlled Media is set up with tricks of false thoughts transmitted during conversation and output of written documents to put a SPIN on JOURNALISTS & civilians thus unknowingly creating PROPAGANDA, until now covering their tracks with blatant lies from our government? But decades of news from misunderstanding mind games, disputes, & slanders.
4 Did you know Mind Control and Directed Energy Weapons are responsible for MOST ILLNESSES, and KINESTHETIC (SENSES wikipedia) and Electric Magnetic Fields, which can’t be traced or cured? SEE ALZHEIMER/Dimentia, ADDHD, EQUILIBRIUM, VISION, BLADDER, COLON, LEUKEMIA, FIBROMALGIA, PULMONARY, Bi-Polar, CONFUSION extra thought transmissions, MEMORY, DYSLEXIA, opposites suggestions to confuse, SKIN/BLOOD DISEASES, EPSTEINS BAR, HALLUCINATIONS, VISUAL, MIGRAINES, HOLLOGRAMS, and CANCER, Anthrax, Valley Fever, Flu like symptons, Insomnia is sleep deprevation, Short Term Memory erasures, COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENTS, UN-Necessary procedures, Bipolar & ADD most misdiagnosed in America! Accidental falls and false ALARMS all from the MIND!
5 Did you know SPLIT PERSONALITIES/DEMENTIA is a brainwashing technique of NLP using remote electronic hypnosis, suggesting thoughts back and forth & shifts, once called BACK TO THE FUTURE with triggers of memory losses, INDUCED ERASURES & DELAYS IN YOUR LIFE! Misplacing your own items in trash, etc? Programmed MISFITS playing mind games.
6 Did you know Growing exponentially! Brian Glick calls it guiding your life without your knowledge (Spying and Disruption by Brian Glick-War at Home! Leading the witness, and PLAYING GOD & DEVIL in PEOPLE’s minds, POLITICS, directing souls & destiny.
7 Did you know your life is engineered and sabotaged, your family, illnesses, with DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS! POPULATION CONTROL, CHEMTRAILS as being good in our children’s books, FDA conspiracy to murders, mind control, and attacks to ALL CIVILIANS?
8 Did you know like CIA, radio hosts and media news, etc are transmitted with false information to leak as they do to combatants in case they are captured and tortured and they think it is the truth?
9 Did you know pre-suggesting media radio hosts to appear psychic at times when Mind Control games are being used to emulate ancient predictions in the bible as natural? ie 2012 and more.
10 Did you know sound waves Mind Control is how they got by CONGRESS NOT READING full documents? See Video Uncovered! Hypnosis is the tool for Mind Control used on gov’t & red tape. Always claiming to discontinue wrong doing is the CointelPro lies and CIA culture! WHO RUNS THE GLOBE, THE BOHEMIAN GROVE trickling down in culture behind the scenes with Imaginary WEAPONS. See Bin Laden’s CIA set ups video to CREATE WARS.
11 Did you know your instinct and thoughts of your poor judgment on others & your feelings are not your own true self, their miscommunication are synthetically transmitted for sabotage & WARS?
12 Did you know ANTHRAX & contaminated FERTILIZERS Cross-Country is in our SOIL?
13 Did you know DC was swept covertly for radiation and reporters wondered why it was squashed from media and it is because Russia was never using these weapons against us. The excuse for our own gov’t murdering us with our own money!
14 Did you know the 13 AGENTS to testify for 911 Commission were cut off and MIS-communication electronic and verbal from SYNTHETIC COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT chaos not to complete/SABOTAGED investigation. 2 thoughts transmitted in same conversation to cause misunderstandings is huge, as well as false hearing and never receiving info!
15 Did you know in 1996, MOST politician speeches Mind Controlled by these Weapons, before I knew about these weapons or Congressman Kucinich Space Preservation Act. The French believe Aliens control G. Bush, but just another scapegoat to blame and CointelPro project to raise pharmaceuticals as Prozac the Happy Pill epidemic, for example and VIAGRA from weapons?
16 Did you know CIA and Al Queda have a contract to the pipeline? The real conspiracy why we are there and the videos of setting up Bin Ladin and tampered evidence to the contrary!
17 Did you know wiretapping includes visuals in your home, work & streets, most don’t know yet?
18 Did you know that Millions of people were transmitted with Mind Control thoughts and hallucinations of Alien/UFO Shams and projected onto the next generation as valid?
19 Did you know being dumbed down, bureaucracy, decreased MORALS in this country is individual MIND CONTROLS for years to seem as more GOV’T CONTROL is necessary?
20 Did you know these weapons were used on the GULF WAR and unaware they surrendered under Mind Control without firing any shots of war?
21 Did you know that Guantanamo is big news and also a smokescreen/diversion to brainwash the public to see them as if responsible instead of OUR GOV/CIA, not being able to get sued, and why they want it legal on US Soil & FEMA CAMPS? Brainwashing it all as good? Mind Controlled Prisoners to be triggered from anchors of amplified fears to enhance them over time, trigger them for their intentions, mind read for answers & implant FALSE MEMORIES of guilt & scapegoats.
22 Did you know the CIA operates on the ground wearing yamaka’s to frame Jews, and destroyed fruit and crops against the Torah scriptures, as with our organic natural farms in the U S? Why?
23 Did you know that the ISRAELI ART STUDENTS were mind controlled where to live and accepted only in the areas to live as guided to set up and look involved as the CONTRARY OF CIA GUILT and to CREATE DOUBT and so much more BEARING FALSE WITNESS, false memory syndrome, fake gov help, INTERNET & google lawsuit, libraries, false accusations & detainment? Owning the www back door access & with your passwords & surveillance.
24 Did you know your life is being manipulated & engineered with Mind Games, illnesses, & costing Millions in secret COINTELPRO budgets? EXPERIMENTS turned into MASS CONTROL!
25 Did you know our Parents and Grandparents are targeted with these weapons of Mass Destruction on US Soil, in being the Country with the most Doctor’s visits from SENIORS as a result of these Neurological Weapons, Mind Control Hallucinating false issues, lasers & D.E.W.?
26 Did you know that if you see or find yourself in weird communication misunderstanding and or audacity of people today, it is because of misfits in the Pentagon playing mind games on their laptop with the use Remote control Quantum Physics from NASA? Communication CHAOS!
27 Did you know many years ago, the APA was in bed with the Military Intelligence to Mind Control them closely against belief of these weapons and torture? See Standing up to the Madness by Amy Goodman (The same as with AMA and FDA) Neuro Weapons & “fake” diseases and in our books!
28 Did you know that Mind Control has been used for decades on MEDIA folks, coupled with intentional False thoughts causing misunderstandings and wrong PERCEPTIONS to create propagandized non-reality people live called COVERT Psyops? Also used on MILITARY personnel to think Jews are the EVILS at Silent/War GAMES and the NEW Silent Holocaust!
29 Did you know the most targeted ON THE JOB with Mind Controlled CIVILIANS who are Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Pilots, Engineers, Activists, Media, Gov’t Employees, Drivers, Elders, Hollywood, Polititians with sabotage from errors to intentional corruption?
30 Did you know Hoover was also quite eager to use his new authority to bring Hollywood into line with what Hoover thought was their proper role in society (propaganda organ for the government) and while Senator McArthy grabbed the headlines, Hoover was busy behind the scenes recruiting various people to inform on each other and factionalizing the Hollywood community so that it could not resist him? Where ever there is MONEY thus POWER and IMMORALS, there is Mind Control first experimental then Population Controls for N. W. O.
31 Did you know Secret Gov’t CointelPro has been responsible for much worse crimes and torture covertly and would never sit on this kind of power with weapons nicely tucked away, even knowing that we are not threatened by Russia and China’s Mind Control Weapons?
32 Did you know WE THE PEOPLE need to expose Mind Control (CIA directed sound waves NLP hypnosis in your sleep & anytime) since MK ULTRA COINTELPRO & before NSA and NASA Astronauts. (See Bandler & Grinder former CIA tought to FBI & mass control)
33 Did you know you cannot be brainwashed with TV alone and Transmitted thoughts, beliefs, and feelings have to be planted first and triggered in your environment? This also explains 50 Years in the making New World Order coming for EVIL CONTROL and ROGUE FASCISM!
34 Did you know HAARP/HIPPA (The ultimate Conspiracy by Jerry Smith) should be dismantled as should the secret CIA? Cutting off as OUT-FOXED video is another problem.
35 Did you know that most of the times if it doesn’t make sense, or someone turns mean or against you, it is due to Mind Games manipulated with false thoughts transmitted around you?
36 Did you know (A New Breed by DR. John Hall & The Herrific Mind Control in America! Satellite Terrorism in America. satweapons.com & Dr Walter Bowart radio interview, & I have seen no one yet with high enough CLEARANCE to know how it’s being done behind the scenes?
37 Did you know that the plane going down in Buffalo, NY was a cover up of 911 mind controlled pilots creating false terrorism on US Soil again, Congress shock cover up, the recent 2009 madness to cover up wireless Mind Control WEAPONS, Spying Satelite installations & mission, accomplished. ARABS NOT SOPHISTICATED OR SMART ENOUGH WITH INTELLIGENCE CIA PRINTS ALL OVER THE IDEA AND BIBLE!

38 Did you know facts showed since the 1970’s mind control was experimented with COINTELPRO in major cities to increase crime and tax revenues? This never stopped and we were lied to as MKULTRA when AMERICA started to change and we could not live without locking our doors anymore, etc? Changed realities from propaganda standpoint’s lifestyle!
39 Did you know that 911 was created and engineered with Mind Controlled Pilots during training on US Soil, and Dynamite at the bottom by CIA covered up even with witnesses suppressions?
40 Did you know 911 was engineered to lose our freedoms, introduce population controls, Police State, Martial Law, suppressions, and cover ups on U S Soil with Fema camps nefarious agendas?
41 Did you know WHISTLEBLOWERS and Activists who report the same hypnotic Mind Control activities of COINTELPRO/NSA are targeted with no work/livelyhood manipulations, difficulties in their lives, Cancer, Car accidents, discrediting/smearing campaigns, & misfortunes they call BAD LUCK? To suppress EXPOSURE for years! BUILD DISCREDIT SLANDER over time & Isolate!
42 Did you know Mind Control transmission are used to harass civilians and oppress the public against each other or take wrong paths since creating a synthetic Culture from PATTI HEARST, ALIENS, EXORCIST, JAWS, MOVIES and POPCORN,COVERT PROJECTS CAME OUT IN THE LATE 60’S AND WAS SUPPRESSED or SQUASHED, as John Lennon, and now many others claimed, and were all true? Kennedy and Monroe found out?
43 Did you know the CIA in disguise are the computer hackers, virus, spam creators, and ALWAYS CREATING ENEMIES THEY NEED, AS IN OIL PIPELINE CONTRACTS WITH AL QAEDA and so many other wars and fights and crimes they create and induce or continue?
44 Did you know the 911 FRAUDULANT WAR was investigated in Europe for scientific proof on the toppling buildings of the Financial District in the Bible/Torah and now the Bankruptcies was and is part of their plans?
45 Did you know that the Mind Controlled MEDIA flashed Halloween like letters of TERROR , across our TV’s to reinforce Mind Control & false brainwashing fears/paranoia on U S Soil?
46 Did you know outsiders comment about the media in the U S not serious & synthetically created Culture with genuine disgust and REALIZATIONS of this manipulated culture and corruptions because of Mind Control? This has been transmitted to Corp/individuals and down the line!
47 Did you know that the CLASSIFIED BUDGET of Mind Controlling Humans and the use of Directed Energy Weapons, Climate Manipulations & is taking down AMERICA & the Globe?
48 Did you know that Ariel Sharon was zapped with Directed Energy Weapons (as others) because he knew the CIA was corrupt Sabotaging Israel and not happy to shake hands with G. Bush?
49 Did you know that these Neurological Psychotronics can make one catatonia, seem in shock induce stroke and heart attacks & comatose anyone as long as wanted, in your homes or streets?
50 Did you know the initial 24 series, keeps going in his role, with no emotion as Seals conditioned & Mind Controlled unknowingly, Military cutting off sensory (deprevation/disorientation)also unable to react, among other weapon symptoms, now adding robotic hardware as other cover ups?
51 Did you know the SECRET Gov’t is swaying public opinion and Mind Controlled triggers to be “good” with rescues because they created in the first place and are hiding the fact that they are the Mother of Evil & extremely sadistic beyond imagination?
52 Did you know that triggers and anchors transmitted to people is creating a laundry list of false illnesses and illusions? TV can only trigger you after being transmitted for effective brainwashed people who are ANCHORED nefariously?
53 Did you know Morgellon’s disease (u-tube/CNN) for mind controlled doctors against the truth as the APA; So when doctors tell the People, IT’S ALL IN THEIR HEAD, it is in a way true because THE SECRET GOV’T has been putting it there synthetically for decades?
54 Did you know Millions are Mind Controlled into un-necessary medical procedures from direct Mind Games and mistakes by transmitting false thoughts to doctors and hallucinating pains to patients with a simple hypnotic radio wave to think and feel anything?
55 Did you know these transmitted Mind Control thoughts give you false perceptions about anyone you know or anything, changing your realities since MKULTRA in the 60’s?
56 Did you know most CRIMES are mind controlled and innocent people are induced or transmitted to act and/or produce false witness? As with OJ using Mind Control in court cases, Judges, and prisons, tampering with minds not just evidence.
57 Did you know most people are set up with MISCOMMUNICATIONS, rudeness, fingerpointing, & non sense, engineered TO DIVIDE your relationships, & created ANTI-SEMITISM covertly?
58 Did you know that Millions of Christians were Mind Controlled with Devil fears & Exorcism as a scapegoat, like Aliens because THEY ARE THE DEVILS? Billions were made in Pharmaceutical and Healthcare to say the least.
59 Did you know that Mind Control and LASERS of DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS in your home are killing you slowly and TRANSMITTING FEARS, ANXIETY, and PARANOIA of CRIMES on AMERICANS? This is easily done by transmitting ANCHORS & TRIGGERS!
60 Did you know others Countries are not paranoid of terrorism because their Gov’t didn’t spend BILLIONS on transmitting their people with PARANOID thoughts of crimes and hallucinating thoughts? And made Millions along with FDA, and Healthcare!
61 Did you know in the 1960’s First AMERICA was MIND CONTROLLED with intense CRIME increases on our streets & prisons with Paranoias they blamed on drugs, which the CIA brought in covertly and now, Today the same with Mind Control transmitted people to induce fighting CIA WAR they created AGAIN, and GLOBAL FASCISM mentality and conditioning, while changing laws to get away with it this time?
62 Did you know that the Gov’t has been creating, and releasing intentional lies to the media with hardware tangibles electronics to cover up Mind Controlled false thoughts and unaware of swayed facts as well? An intentional blend of lies, false perceptions & threats, since 2009?
63 Did you know that part of the Coup D’etat was to take Jews out of powerful financial positions and topple Banking as in the Bible/Torah and Secret Gov’t is creating Armageddon simulations?
64 Did you know the CIA claims mistakes and no agendas from DOD/Pentagon, while Rumsfeld board status with Bilderberger Group is being sued by Germany where they protested Freedom of thought is all part of CIA disguise and corruptions?
65 Did you know Sharon Weinberger was another witness to these evil misfits behind powerful computer technologies using Quantum Physics and energy scalar waves for Mind Control?
66 Did you know that we are just hearing about Mind Control from NSA Russell Tice and others because he accidently found out and the Gov’t Censored all Books, Videos & Media successfully for 50 years with even more Mind Control DUMBING US DOWN one at a time & in mass?
67 Did you know Millions of PEOPLE thinking their bad luck or accidents are naturally occuring when they did not have to happen at all and someone is behind the scenes engineering their life events and accountable for it daily from simple mistakes to catastrophy, crimes & much worse?
68 Did you know that these Weapons of Mass Destruction are wireless, undetectable, and are numbing and freezing body parts, throat, private parts, limbs, used with REMOTE VIEWING in homes or streets to imobolize humans for hours or days at a time, more intense than anastiology, or morphine, or hypnosis used on the public unwittingly?
69 Did you know CIA/Elites have been Anti-Semitic since Hitler & Cointelpro funding the KKK etc.
70 Did you know the CIA is spreading anti-semitism covertly behing the scenes with Mind Control as their marionettes on a string. We are almost all robots and puppets being led & misled.
71 Did you know that the PALESTINES were rejected from their own surrounding Arab Countries that america will use for more martial law war excuses while looking like the humanitarian saviors due to the new signed executive order to bring them here, and denying it afterwards?
72 Did you know that most non-sense and Un-solved Mysteries are due to Mind Control Manipulations, as created COPY-CATS who are also programmed or induced to commit Crimes?
73 Did you know mind controlled lies toward genocide of Jews and new world order! Debra Small says conspiracy of forces is Mind Control trickling down since the 70’s when Americans use to say “it’s in the water”? Most feel it & never knew! Add ANTHRAX AIDS & SWINE.
74 Did you know that Scott McCullen and G. Bush used propaganda and brainwash (utube demo) to sell the war and most still don’t know 911 was also an inside job for fears and fascism, & bringing it home on US SOIL to start changing the Constitution of freedoms for EVIL TAKE OVER?
75 Did you know that the use of Mind Control Psychotronic, Acoustics, Neurological Weapons, and Synthetic Telepathy uses on the Public, also the major cause of Global warming Manipulations?
76 Did you know that CHEMTRAILS are in children SCHOOL books as good chemicals helping?
77 Did you know there should have been a revolution to overthrow this Secret Gov’t since the Bombing of our own buildings agenda, the installed satellites & spreading joke of Need Another Seven Astronauts, and the agenda of our economy, & oil crisis since 1973, etc when Big Brother started watching and Manipulating with Mind Control and brainwashing the Country with the opposite, and how good and successful it was and now covering their tracks with false fears yet again using Russia first and today Terrorism they created and provoked for U S Soil laws?
78 Did you know the public was deceived since 2007 when we struck Oil in North Shore of Alaska enough for 200 years that never made every front-page newspaper? Now comes excuses as usual.
79 Did you know you are directly transmitted not to believe this wicked Shadow Gov’t has been corrupting to rape human rights, dignity, privacy, & God’s will with this Mind Control?
80 Did you know the 1967 USS liberty-Project Philadelphia blaming ISRAEL- mistake in identity set up, cutting off investigations & news coverage (as usual)? Start of ANTI-SEMITISM 1947 Act!
81 Did you know Israel had to defend itself and blow up the Media Center Building in Gaza because Mind Controlled propaganda is being created by our GOV’T brainwashing people against Jews?
82 Did you know CIA has been getting away with INTENTIONAL WAR CRIMES & ATTACKS on CIVILIANS since they were created with the 1947 ACT, ten fold of ISRAEL’s DEFENSES?
83 Did you know there’s NO cure for skin CANCER, no known cause of blood/skin diseases because people’s organs are being irradiated with ELF and EMF? Not just lame cell phones & microwaves!
84 Did you know the CIA brought the drugs in from South America, selling to kids, creating need for DEA generating crimes-tax dollar, and scapegoats to many other Secret Gov’t Crimes? Now broadening Homeland Security and BIGGER government Control.
85 Did you know Katrina did not cause the walls to come down without a little help/push & sabotage from our friends/heros (FBI/CIA Secret Gov’t. Fema not responding appropriately to later justify Blackwater/Martial Law, rebuilding with golf courses, & infrastructure Gov’t Work, etc.
86 Did you know Florida Red Tide is not natural but Gov’t corruption and manipulations killing people and certainly animals, set ups and coverups creating and manipulating crimes unaware.
87 Did you know that Mind Control and D.E.W. contribute largely to false test results, tampered electronics in homes, public buildings and automobiles? If you are targeted as an innocent civilian, these could appear as natural causes or malfunctions. Since Watergate and Deep Throat!
88 Did you know victims report these are like demented children who play mind games behind a computer like playing in traffic all day with people’s lives and electronic communications which ARE THE KIDNAPPED CHILDREN OF CIA RECRUITS we see on MILK CARTONS for decades like programmed DUNCAN OFINIAIN & squashed from exposures, now HANDLERS?
89 Did you know that Mind Control experiments are being conducted with your life, for Behavior Modifications, dumbing down individuals, bad customer service and tyranny conditioning?
90 Did you know that Mind Control is responsible for many tempers, suppression, fears, anxieties and suicides with transmitted suggestions alone, and blame drugs or economy, etc? The Agenda!
91 Did you know Mind Control is also used for population control and genocides deciding who lives and how they live covertly? HAARP, THE ULTIMATE CONSPIRACY!
92 Did you know that Mind controlled kids to commit shootings in schools is no different than those in the military, CIA creating sex, drugs, & rock n roll, funding MKULTRA & other covert projects?
93 Did you know even with terrorism in other couNtries, they feel safer on their streets & homes than AMERICANS because paranoia is added to TV with Mind Control since Crime was induced?
94 Did you know the PYRAMID diet was created but not promoted on purpose while transmitting AMERICANS TO EAT & BE OBESE with Mind Control Urges, while encouraging Doctors & others to create unhealthy diets & eat synthetic foods, diet pills, INSTEAD OF GOD CREATED NATURAL FOOD FROM THE GROUND for ULTIMATE HEALTHY AMERICANS. ALL AGENDA OF FDA as well! YOUR mental addictions are induced by the transmissions! When you are near food anywhere!
95 Did you know that Gov’t Mind Control is for ULTIMATE Global POWER and will be ACCOMPLISHED WITH PHYCHOTRONICS if we THE PEOPLE don’t stop them?
96 Did you know the average American would be astonished to learn the extent to which secret surveillance technology has advanced today with 100% remote manipulations, attacks, changed minds, bodies, of the human and animal, good or bad? They harass, manipulate, and kill and they don’t approve the panacea to energy medicine, as we already know lasers are, & used Globally!
97 Did you know Military, Julianne McKinney’s, Director, Electronic Surveillance Project-1994 letter and response-After Clinton’s partial admission and apology as past tense is the NSA caught red handed with Mass Remote Mind Control for evil New World Order brainwashing as a good thing?
98 Did you know threats from CIA in July of 2007 where Muslim and Christians will try to bring down a new Holocaust of Jews and minorities? A sadistic Trouble-Making Cult & Culture!
99 Did you know that all tangible hardware surveillance, corruptions, propaganda, and lies to the Media are diversions, aiding to brainwash and make humans ROBOTS and PUPPETS. One religion, One Cult, THE CIA-Book only found in France!
100 Did you know they Mind Controlled Americans as more dumb and lazy and also conveniently justified the public to outsource overseas to save money?
101 Did you know since the trades for cheap plastic products and cars, many were mind controlled as well as brainwashed with propaganda to buy? I won’t tell you about mind controlled women and plastic surgery rampid, chivalry, and women differences because this would never end.
102 Did you know that these weapons experimented on Civilians and war can be used for good or bad, illness or panacea, but are used for New World Control instead of potential Defense?
103 Did you know that movies like THE MATRIX, BOURNE, THE ISLAND, EAGLE EYE and BREACH have much truths to them from CIA who controls this Country in DISGUISE?
104 Did you know when weird things happen like ID theft, Cyberspace, & stalking, phone & internet issues, electronic, etc, it is mostly Mind Games and Mind Controlled operatives called handlers?
105 Did you know that it is our Gov’t that start epidemics and sets trends, culture, and shapes us with the use of Mind Control weapons on a mass level including Population Control?
106 Did you know that most Americans are not dumb or obese just because they are born on US Soil? Just programmed and induced nefariously and corrupt!
107 Did you know that Mind Control Psychotronics and MKULTRA experiments have been going on exponentionally since The Manchurian Candidate original Movie 1962, suppressed, squashed and programmed not to be believed, as all else of mind control when discovered technologies?
108 Did you know that you are being attacked with the use of these weapons that turn anyone or any animal against you by targeting the Central Nervous System with false negative thoughts?
109 Did you know that Mind Control is also used to induce the public with obstacles to have an abundance of good books, documentary videos, & education, with immoral corruptions transmits?
110 Did you know that mass population who turned against Dixies Chics, Sharon Weinberger, Britney Spears and many more would not have happened if not induced with Mind Control transmissions and sabotaged events, memories, thought/feelings, and miscommunications?
111 Did you know that some are suing Corporations and Airlines when they should be suing the CIA?
112 Did you know White House Sexual Slavery goes on with women under Mind Control as CATHY O’BRIEN, (Brice Taylor-utube.com) Anne Collins, The Sleep Room and satan child prostitution. HOW SICK & EVIL DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE YOUR GOV’T IS? CointelPro is known to pick up on cults, fund them, and continue, and inducing them to appear natural and organically grown over time when exiting. See Dr. Ross Institute and why it’s so prevalent & yet suppressed? And allegations to tempt individuals to crimes and corruptions as with allegations of Clinton scandall to be used against him for Blackmail!
113 Did you know if you drive a safe, well made car as BMW (as if we should not have the esteem to deserve the best) WHEN poor Countries had Mercedes for TAXI’s and could expect a well made car until OUR Government STEPPED IN and promoted not condoned, lessor manufacturers of American made cars in America, promoting illegal speeds to pass law when illegal, thus creating more tax collections, health care, and deaths on the roads! MATERIALISTIC & PLASTIC SURGERIES also induced as CHANGED MINDS AND EMOTIONS!
114 Did you know we labor more hours per person per year than any other country with less vacation and pension benefits and THEY CALL US SPOILED? The Mind Game Manipulations of CIA!
115 Did you know we are in danger of our secret gov’t from these weapons and oppressions, losing civil rights mentality or on paper, and not so much Terrorism threats at all, on US Soil?
116 Did you know your money is being spent in Millions on these experiments turned to Mass Mind Control CREATING JEWISH DIVISIONS as well as other targeted individuals or groups?
117 Did you know Hollywood has been the most Mind Controlled to corrupt television, thus the American morals and have been puppets individually controlled one way or another?
118 Did you know you everyone is directly induced with Mind Controlled thoughts and suggestions transmitted one at a time not to be healthy with food urges & no exercise, to commit immoral behaviors, and crimes, alcohol, depending on your weaknesses or genetics?
119 Did you know everything about your genetics is being collected in a massive database and used nefariously without your knowledge including your entire profile? DATA MINING-your destiny!
120 Did you know that these Mind Games include GUIDING YOUR LIFE and also manipulating and playing with psychic’s readings, which are also in their target used to help solving crimes?

121 Did you know that individuals are transmitted with this Mind Control thoughts to produce false controversial opposite lies on line and otherwise, to create doubt and discredit the truth tellers?
122 Did you know that G. Bush said that our energy will be just fine and that he will help one soul at a time? WOW! Not even oceans nor any PRIVACY you just don’t know about yet!
123 Did you know that if you find yourself in a war with your neighbors or at work with harassment, it is because of Mind Control Games?
124 Did you know the joke that went around in the 70’s “GO PLAY in TRAFFIC” came not only from Mind Control but from traffic lights being purposely tampered with as Power outages?
125 Did you know that since I started writing this, Mind Control has been more rampid creating more false news to discredit these facts with doubt and endless excuses & covering their tracks WHITEWASHING HISTORY?

If WE THE PEOPLE (CONSTITUENTS) compared notes, collectively from the beginning, got together and aired it all over the years, we would know this has been going on as set ups behind the scenes of transmitted Mind Control to individuals in the Millions? We are isolated and suppressed from bringing this to light and know EXACTLY HOW AMERICA GOT THIS WAY! Dysfunctional, dumbed down, controlled, sickened, set up, framed, raped in many ways, destined for oppressed bad luck and on and much worse! AMERICAN FEARS & PHOBIAS & RETIREES addicted to SLOT MACHINES & PILLS!
Induced Gay and Lesbian desires for experiments, revolting pleasures, and overseas sales of remote views!
Induced women for breast augmentations and side effects of homones in agriculture for premature growth!
Experimented with bees to attack man as with animals or to sedate remotely!



DR. WALTER BOWART radio interview, only available on Canadian ebay CD and more, Cancer Death
JIM KEITH banned books, Strange death and Body Electric of all supporting CIA ops of these facts
ALEX CONSTANTINE and the CIA and MEDIA, Operation Mockingbird and Mind Control for decades
DR. NICK BEGICH, Alaska Politics and family targeted
KAY GRIGGS, Military wife and whistleblower (Secret Societies) u-tube and so many coming forward
Dr. Bill Nelson, Tom Beardon NASA/Gov Physicists and the INVISIBLE GOV (1964) Wikepidia Mockingbird COINTELPRO and DR. LEN HOROWITZ
Un-Covered video for MARIONETTES BUT the Public is used as PAWN in Chess game WARS beyond EXPERIMENTS of REMOTE VIEWING documented and witness globally
911 utube BRAINWASHED AMERICA for war beliefs as with SWINE Panic suppressions as in the 60’s
Alex Jones, END GAME, OBAMA DECEPTION, Loose Change, & AARON RUSSO of Rockfeller
Julianne McKinney, Military victim and OPPOSITE Gov’t NEWS to the PUBLIC Senator Eric Adams, NY hearing postponed, VAN JONES, documentary Control Room on 911 and so many more!
Jesselyn Radack, FBI/DOJ whistle blow articles, interviews, and law suits
Carol Rutz, Frank Olson, Lynn Surgella Letter from Psychotronics Assoc
John Glenn, Former NASA astronaut, Military, and Senator letter 1997
Michael Scheuer, CIA 117 slides on 911 and most still don’t have clearance of these weapons on civilians,
Ted Gunderson, Bob Levin, Former agent and/or victims and OUTFOXED documentary video as Dixie Chics
Sibel Edmonds, See her story, public articles and court pleadings
John Marks, Mark Phillips, Everyone attempting the truth with MASS CHOAS creations from the top down
Jesse Ventura-Former Seal, Covert CIA on US Soil against Mission, and changed web site since. The former CIA site linking it to Hollywood and Scientology involvements revamped when I wrote about it.
Larry Klayman, Tom Beardon, Leuren Moret, CHARLES VIAR CIA Pandora’s Box and American hysterias
Duncan O’Finioan, CD interviews Abducted Manchurian assassin for former President Bush in 1980’s
Police Barry Cooper, TX-doesn’t know why he did it, CIA Ray Mc Govern, Sharon Weinberger, Targeting ‘Imaginary Weapons’ MIND GAMES interview before her career as investigative reporter at Pentagon
Pentagon looks at some of the schemes that swallow up Defense Department money,
A Journey Through the Pentagon’s Scientific Underworld. Looks at some of the wild schemes & fringe science projects under way at the DOD-See John Perkins book on his story as one of the Federal Elite murderer.
OPEC and Pastor LINDSEY WILLIAMS-Energy Non Crisis S/Be $1.50 a gal. World Bank Profit to collapse.
Naomi wolf, Give me liberty, and FREEDOM to FASCISM 10 steps, and as Britney Spears, Dixie Chics and NSA employees all claim feeling and being hypnotized on the job (Mind Control)
Gov Officials, Jim Guest, Senator Patrick Leahy (A divided and less civil Country)
Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul, Kevin Trudeau FDA lawsuits as with EFF.org Federal suits, Naomi Klein, AMY GOODMAN Democracy Now.org, Stop the Madness, APA & AMA, Nat’l whistleblowers center.org Judicial Watch, Freedom Watch, PR Watch, Institute for Accuracy, also ACLU newsletters with documents, Spitfire, we the people congress.org, media-democracy.org, Center for Constitutional Rights, Common Cause.

Famous individuals have said on National News they were hypnotized and media suppressed it all.
These weapons cannot be exposed nor used in a court of law, hardware and Police State are being implemented to be able to prosecute as entrapment while framing whoever they chose? Dictatorship all coming together one way or another. Summoning police via the public, to appear anywhere at anytime creating false paranoias to the victims with transmitted thoughts called anchors/triggers, & WHITEWASHING with tangible events.
Warning to ALL! (From “Mind Control and EM Wave Polarization Transductions”)
“This article refers to experimental research techniques which can be detrimental or lethal in the hands of any but highly skilled, qualified experimental scientists proceeding under proper laboratory safety procedures. The purpose of this article is strictly for information to properly qualified and authorized scientists in certified laboratories. We do not propose or condone any use of these procedures for nonapproved practice of medicine without a license. Neither the publisher nor the author are responsible for accidents or outcomes in the use of these experimental procedures and techniques. Any researcher who performs these procedures and experiments is acting on his or her own volition, and is solely responsible for insuring safety, qualifications, and legality of the acts and their results. We neither suggest nor condone unauthorized experimentation on human subjects. Such is a criminal violation of the constitutional rights of the subject under Federal and State laws, and is both illegal and immoral.” NON LETHAL Gov WEAPONS are LETHAL! Hear Kay Griggs

Domestic Surveillance-Wiretapping
Harper’s Magazine Article: This administration did more than commit crimes. It waged war against the law itself. It transformed the Justice Department into a vehicle for voter suppression, and it also summarily dismissed the U.S. attorneys who attempted to investigate its wrongdoing. It issued wartime contracts to substandard vendors with inside connections, and it also defunded efforts to police their performance. It spied on church groups and political protesters, and it also introduced a sweeping surveillance program that was so clearly illegal that virtually the entire senior echelon of the Justice Department threatened to (but did not in fact) tender their resignations over it. It waged an illegal and disastrous war, and it did so by falsely representing to Congress and to the American public nearly every piece of intelligence it had on Iraq. And through it all, as if to underscore its contempt for any authority but its own, the administration issued more than a hundred carefully crafted “signing statements” that raised pervasive doubt about whether the president would even accede to bills that he himself had signed into law. No prior administration has been so systematically or so brazenly lawless. Yet it is no simple matter to prosecute a former president or his senior officers. There is no precedent for such a prosecution, and even if there was, the very breadth and audacity of the administration’s activities would make the process so complex as to defy systems of justice far less fragmented than our own.

With CIA programming techniques, Military patented Directed Energy Weapons, and NASA Physicist technology software, INCLUDING WOODPECKER scalar waves with Russia and China airwaves intercepted by HAARP satellites, electronic hypnosis and much more medical modalities not approved by FDA. Being used on Civilians nefariously, as a subject of FBI/CIA COINTELPRO mind control, and a witness of US Gov’t corruptions. NLP with electronic hypnosis transmissions to anyone at anytime without NSA wiretapping. This is the making of many fake illnesses, FBI paranoia, and KINESTETICS Eugenics, ALIENS, and MUCH MORE; that did not exist before these weapons or mind control in Gov’t hands of the corrupt level. Mind controlled public has been in place against this truth and doubt has been created and pre-empted with ADDED false news chaos, whitewashing and cover-ups. From crime hysterias in the 70’s and squashing the REAL legitimate fears of mind control, scapegoating as mental illness, to Fake Terrorist fears, etc.

Exposing evil Gov’t psyops using modern medicine suppressed by FDA and Shadow Gov’t for decades, leading to New World Order of Fascism and massive Covert Control. Psychotronics and Synthetic Telepathy, New Pentagon Buzz Words, with transmitted hypnotic suggestions on individuals UNAWARE as if their OWN thought process and guided in life events. I have been continuously threatened not to come forward. I know THIS IS WHERE YOU WILL FIND TRILLIONS $, not just overt defense. FOLLOWING THE MONEY TRAIL IN SECRET DEFENSE BUDGETS SHOULD LEAD TO EMPLOYEES AND EQUIPMENT! AN INVESTIGATION IS IN EXTREME WARRANT.

Blocking their exposure in many ways including electronic & physical delivery, mental gag orders, fears, tricks, censorships, excuses, sabotage, threats, BUILDING DISCREDIT/SLANDER, FALSE CHARACTER, AND FALSE RECORDS, over time, etc of this evil to warn and publicize. Mind games and tricks to never read or believe a mind-controlled audience, as we are all covertly spied on 24/7 and manipulated one way or another. Big Brother has been watching and manipulating for decades. No one needs to physically torture when mind control suggestions to bring the truth to surface in time plays in the Detainment of prisoners who produced no results and is known by CIA and Habeas Corpus LAW used covertly. More cover ups, opposite news producing propaganda for public display and diversion of THE INSIDE JOB and innocent detainees. CLEVER! The conditioning of the public with epidemics is called chunking to prepare population and HOAXES. To create FASCISM and feed the public with a vaccine disgrace. CORRUPTING new SCIENCE emerging and TECHNOLOGY with false information, shifting focus where it belongs, and other brainwashing tactics. The GOVT’S MANY CREATIONS for WASTING TIME and creating CHAOS, MISTAKES, communication mind games, smoke screens, scapegoats, etc. Especially when terrorism is staged over decades & mind control weapons for this COUP D’ETAT, & mind controlled corruptions of AMERICAN synthetically induced crimes & illnesses. Washington in its own bubble, and the rest of the country sees and lives the issues in a realistic unprotected corrupted environment. It is the responsibility of Congress and DOJ/AG to address this, warn the people, and stop it in any way and all ways possible with courage and efficacy. I have been trying to inform everyone what Sibel Edmonds and others have been involved in. Claiming that Congress and the House should know what is going on regardless of National Secret excuses to cover up and suppress the corruption. This has been mass control in the making for 50 years of these weapons used nefariously and successfully kept from exposing for decades with defense of mental illness, corporate scapegoats, creating doubts, creating illusions, suspending individual hysteria/panic since Pandora’s Box in the early 70”s, transmitting paranoia to the American people on crimes, along with tangible and created/induced crimes, and so much more. This is how they have been able to get away with it for 50 years to take over globally the AGENDA for another 50 years or so. THE SECRET DEFENSE BUDGET WILL LEAD AND PROVE TO THESE MISFITS ON PAYROLL IN THE PENTAGON AND/OR BOHEMIAN GROVE. THEY ARE MIND CONTROLLED CHILDREN KIDNAPPED AND SUSPENDED SENSES INTO SOCIOPATHS AS MILITARY SOLDIERS AND COPYCAT CRIMES ON OUR STREETS. These imaginary weapons create imaginary friends in our children. Too many people are coming forward with the uses of these weapons. Disbelief and covering up and pointing fingers at everyone else but themselves.
In reading the articles about other cases in politics and in the DOJ, I find that NSA BOB GRAHAM and NANCY PELOSI, SYBEL EDMONDS, and so many more high profile individuals, are all issues of hypnotic NLP mind games and transmitted thoughts to MIS-COMMUNICATE as if natural errors, and with double thoughts injected into 2 different parties on the phone or in person. I stated in my facts of the bearing false WITNESS, and everyone pointing the finger at someone else, thus making LIARS SEEMINGLY of truth tellers, & how that is accomplished with TICE whistle blowing of these thoughts called synthetic hallucinations & the crimes & set ups by people especially neighbors, work disputes, and much more ACROSS AMERICA.
These budget INVESTIGATIONS should most definitely INCLUDE SECRET DEFENSE AND PAST research and uses from all the PROJECTS on mind control obsessions by the CIA squashed at the beginning of the conspiracies. RESTRUCTURING THE BANKS WAS ONLY TO TAKE THEM AWAY FROM THE JEWS AND MIND CONTROLLED THEM TO INDUCE CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES ALONG THE WAY TO CATCH THEM AS THE AGENDA WITH OTHER NEW WORLD ORDER CONSPIRACIES TO COME. This is how they performed the police crimes in the U.S. with all major cities experiments in the 70’s.
While the details are unknown, credible evidence indicates that billions of everyday communications of ordinary Americans are swept up by government computers and run through a process that includes both data-mining and review of content, to try to figure out whether any of us were involved in illegal or terrorist-related activity. That means that even the most personal and private of our electronic communications – between doctors and patients, between husbands and wives, or between children and parents – are subject to review by computer algorithms programmed by government bureaucrats or by the bureaucrats themselves.
The white rose II-Certified hypnotist trained in CIA created NLP techniques with NASA technology & military patents, with first hand knowledge and experience and blocked to expose for 2 years. TALK ABOUT IT!

Spying, BREACH of contract on Israel, UK, EU, AU, sabotage minds, bodies & CLIMATE Manipulations. Mind controlled police framed crimes in U.S. since all major cities experiments in the 70’s, now widespread.

See utube 911 explosives, cover ups, gag orders, data-mining, fake wars created, for martial law/constitution!
Mind controlling students’ destinies, courts, streets, homes, hospitals, world power & oppressions! Not work or sophistication ARAB Countries. TALK ABOUT IT! As mind control GAGS/FEARS of GROUND ZERO DYNAMITE. Gorbachev change of mind/heart (street hypnosis) used by Presidents etc. Alcatraz-History Channel and Discovery, Haunting. The Berlin Wall, funding to KKK and Hitler all by our Shadow Gov’t/CIA!
Is the NSA Conducting Electronic Warfare On Americans? See next blogs for 2006 article on american chronicle, infowars.com and whistleblowers.org

The best way to stop full disclosure is to discredit someone and what they are saying! Transmitted mass paranoia since the 70’s and more! Hallucinated transmissions to frame & bear false witness.


It is for the EXACT reason that the mind controlled person cannot believe this could be true, induced to stay that way for years of mass control not to believe, allowing them to get away with it for 50 years. Creating a fake illness that the FBI is doing this, when they really do, giving it a name and a place in psychology books.

The OUTRAGEOUS Truths collectively & connecting the dots! Why the Media CAN’T focus/expose the TIPS of the ICEBERG diversions! THE MYSTERIES OF UNSOLVED CRIMES & MEDICINE by Secret Gov’t! HOW sick do they want you in AMERICA! Those calling the ACLU from Hospitals saying our government is using DIRECT ENERGY WEAPONS to electrocute them, & add organ pain during KEMO! Using us as pawns against each other. Puppets in our daily lives and events with mind transmissions!

HEALTHCARE-With mind controlled doctors to slowly kill you with the help of corrupted FDA, mind controlled accidents, and malpractice and taking down JEWS slowly as AMERICAN FREEDOM, including more control over us with corrupted secret government behind the scenes.

How The NSA Harasses Thousands Of Law Abiding Americans Daily By The Usage Of Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM)-SEE ARTICLE BELOW-Since WATERGATE & Russian/China Energy Weapons-MIND MANIPULATIONS ON CIVILIANS UNAWARE OF SABOTAGED LIVES & FAMILY!

When weird things happen like ID theft, Cyberspace, stalking, phone & internet issues, electronic, Technology, Google, it is THE SHADOW GOVERNMENT PLAYING BEHIND THE SCENES GENERATING TAX $, Gov jobs and control with massive CORRUPTIONS. When your mind changes, or feel déjà vu, or telepathy, these synthetic telepathy and neurological, IMAGINARY WEAPONS are used for MIND GAMES, MEMORY BLOCKS, COGNITIVE IMPAIRMENT & so much more non sense in your life and around you.

If you are stuck in habits and/or addictions as in eating, fast foods, gambling, immorals behaviors, behavior changes or modification, moods, excessive fears, phobias, anxiety, UNREALIZED, disbelief, distrust, ignorance and being dumbed down, changes in feelings/emotions, it may not be your natural self but induced and amplified by transmissions and changing HISTORY. 90% of mental patients are unaware victims in AMERICA!

WHAT DO former military and government employees have in common with whistleblowers and when the government doesn’t like you or your independence, CANCER and CAR/ACCIDENTS, etc. Robert Novak, prominent people AIRPLANE CRASHES and ORDINARY people too, by the thousands and millions?

Promoted to Headline (H2) on 1/30/09: Tice Revelations Ignored: Spying on Journalists? Why the Silence? CORRUPTION RAMPID TO COVER UP Mind Control used in the PAST & NOW!
911 truths u-tube Europe’s knowledge of dynamite and squashed witnesses, MARCH IN BRUSSELS and so much more. ALL to CONTROL the PLANET one mind at a time guiding your life, words, feelings, actions, illness, thoughts, death, destiny and all those around you. They want you sick and poor with disinformation.
Sibel Edmonds & the State Secrets Privilege (creating wars and disinformation trickling down)
The New Thought Police: The NSA Wants to Know How You Think Maybe Even What You Think.
by James Bamford (See public hallucinations for miscommunications and motive or intentions)
First they build character orchestrated discredits and sabotage events for years then blackmail you with it so you don’t come forward with the exposure all the while they tell you they are helping you. DUPLICITOUS ACTS!
NOW WHITEWASHING these facts with tangibles in the news and manipulated events, evading the focus on the real threats Mind Control TORTURE! FROM COVERT Mind Control to BLATANT cover-ups! SABOTAGED PEOPLE, MIND GAMES beyond unwitting experiments, where other Countries know these Corruptions! REAL REASONS WHY WE ARE A HATED COUNTRY! STRATEGIC MIND GAMES!

NSA Russell TICE, & DOJ Thomas TAMM, & all brave whistleblowers. Psychotronics, Synthetic Telepathy, Directed Energy and Neurological Weapons of Mass Destruction on US Soil for decades before anyone blew the whistle. See below how it’s done. Mind Games when Sharon Weinberger tried to report the truth. In your home and 24/7 REMOTE VIEWING SOUNDWAVE MIND CONTROL. ERASING MEMORY, NASA & Military Patents used on UNAWARE & UNCONSCIOUS CIVILIANS. A new silent war/HOLOCAUST! It’s much more than wiretapping & domestic surveillance! Nuremberg & Michael Scheuer.

Why hasn’t the press–aside from MSNBC–covered Russell Tice’s revelations on the government’s massive spy apparatus that according to Tice illegally survey’s every US citizens’ purchasing records, emails, phone calls, bank transactions, etc. and maintains the information in massive databases for nefarious uses? Plus Data Mining your health info. And starting trends in our schools!

John St. Clair Akwei vs. NSA, Ft. Meade, MD, USA John Mecca & Don Friedman cases

Filegate” developed when President Clinton and Hillary Clinton were accused of violating the privacy rights of their perceived political enemies by wrongly accessing and misusing the FBI files of Reagan and first Bush administration staffers, among others.
“In an effort to discredit the women who charged President Clinton with sexual misconduct, personal files and papers were illegally obtained and released. The courts found, under the Privacy Act-Jesselyn Radack Was the Justice Department Official Who Knew Too Much -A BuzzFlash Interview
…Whistleblowers have been blacklisted at best, and completely terrorized at worst. War on Citizens! Jesselyn Radack/Sibel Edmonds former Justice Department ethics specialist feeling watched! Tom Tamm) Mistranslated, leaks all part of mind control sabotage, ERASURES OF MEMORY/FEELINGS, & more!
When even one American — who has done nothing wrong — is forced by fear to shut his mind and close his mouth, then all Americans are in peril.” Harry S. Truman
Against All Enemies Sibel Edmonds, Russ Tice, and the illegal spying that congress has NO idea about Something is being lost amidst all the parsing of Attorney General Fredo Gonzales’ various lies about the NSA’s spying programs, and the attempts to correlate AGAG’s statements with the statements of Rockefeller, Harman and the rest of the Gang of Eight.

The thing is, Russ Tice tried to tell Congress about some of the NSA’s illegal and unconstitutional spying programs and not a single person in congress had sufficiently high clearance to hear what Tice had to say – not even the Chairs of the Senate or House Intelligence Committees.

In fact, it’s not apparent that the Attorney General is even clued into the program. And Tice even has doubts as to whether your Ostensible President has any idea what was going on. It’s no wonder that they all find themselves tripping the linguistic fantastic.

See clip of Sibel Edmonds discussing the situation: Atrios probably got closest last weekend when he wrote: “Whoever the Hell They Wanted To Without Warrants. DATA MINING to collect on who is the next target or victim.
In a slide Bearden illustrates how a Scalar War would involve a psychoenergetics attack on the operators of the enemy scalar installation, entraining their minds into hypnogogic trance and getting them to shut down their systems.
And ultimately psychoenergetic warfare goes to the very heart of human identity itself. For if my thoughts might no longer be “mine,” then who and what am I? Can my very sense of being “me” be hijacked by some nefarious psychoenergetic scheme? Will the “secret government” eventually dictate directly into your mind how you feel about yourself? Or what you think you are? Or what you should do?

One paper to begin with is “Mind Control and EM Wave Polarization Transductions” This is such serious stuff that Bearden includes a strong warning about misuse of this knowledge. Psychoenergetics weapons can MENTALLY MAIM AND PHYSICALLY KILL. “UNAWARE FORCED SPEECH by- passing memory, DREAMS, & MUCH MORE. A former gov’t Physicist! So many are now coming forward!
Bearden http://www.cheniere.org/explore%20articles/mind%20control1/p01.htm A former Gov’t Physicist.
CIA Richard Barlow’s SSP case involved four administrations: Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Clinton, and George W. Bush. The case involved both parties; Democrats & Republicans. When I contacted Mr. Barlow and asked for his view on the troubling trend by the media and Congress in packaging SSP related information to mislead the public and destroy any chance of reform, this is what he had to say: “Long before the Congress even begins to address issues relating to the use of SSP in court cases involving private charities, foreigners, suspected terrorists, or any private parties, it clearly needs to first address the use of SSP by the Executive Branch to conceal crimes, abuses, or fraud by the Executive Branch against the Congress itself or against federal intelligence officers or other federal employees [who] are the victims, and especially when it involves issues [of] Congress being lied to or willfully misled regarding intelligence information. ”He then added the following: “The media must go further than merely reporting the actions and inactions of Congress and the courts: we need investigative reporting on why the Congress has failed to address cover-ups of illegal activity by the Executive Branch and what Members of Congress are responsible for this abdication of Constitutional responsibility, particularly if Obama continues to break his campaign promises on SSP and follow in the footsteps of Bush on this and other national security matters.
Being attacked for his knowledge-not to talk about the nefarious massive uses beyond experiments but for chosen POPULATION CONTROL/Genocide & Producing OPPOSITE NEWS of how EVIL SHADOW GOV really is hiding as wolves in sheep’s skin! Your thoughts are not your own!


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12 Responses to “NSA Mind Control to 911 for Evil New World Order”

  1. blue Says:

    this can’t all be true, i mean what about former criminals who turn their whole lives around?

    • thewhiteroseii Says:

      Directed Energy Weapon picking selecting destinies who lives and dies in N.W.O. and some minds snap or restore their critical factor the defenses to protect oneself and others serve a purpose and are set free. All human engineering and culture. Thank you for asking, I appreciate that.

    • thewhiteroseii Says:

      Folks need to see my other posts and US Supreme case and press release. Please let me know if you cannot access it. It is all at http://www.mireilletorjman.com and being all quashed including Russell Tice Article of NSA transmissions since the 50’s.

    • thewhiteroseii Says:

      Dear Blue,
      Has my previous answer been deleted by CIA or did you receive my first reply? Thank for asking and I hope you got it regarding manchurian and pawns we are for behavior mod and crimes and how the mind works and our destinies they are chosing as in population control one soul at a time. I point you to Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones for the tangible side of this evil agenda on humanity. Please see http://www.mireilletorjman.com and fan it before too late.

    • thewhiteroseii Says:

      Did you receive my response? see http://www.mireilletorjman.com

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    NSA Mind Control to 911 for Evil New World Order « Thewhiterose’s Blog…

  3. James Geczik Says:

    where do you turn for help if you are under NSA attacks as we are . NO one believes us.I have lost family and my friends think were nuts . the police are in on this as far as can tell or they are just homofobic or getting ready for marshall law who the hell knows! This country is doomed and nobody sees it at least no one I know !

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    […]NSA Mind Control to 911 for Evil New World Order « Thewhiterose’s Blog[…]…

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    […]NSA Mind Control to 911 for Evil New World Order « Thewhiterose’s Blog[…]…

  8. Project: Soul Catcher vol. 2 Secrets of Cyber and Cybernetic Warfare Revealed | USA COINTELPRO VICTIM OF THE PATRIOT & SPACE PRESERVATION ACTS Says:

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