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Press Release Advisory warning WE THE PEOPLE mind control

November 13, 2010

WARNINGS to “We the People”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                          September 2010 revised

CONTACT: Mireille Torjman                                                    Federal Whistleblower                                                                   Mobile 954.529.8684                                                              

Sibel Edmonds gagged, Ariel Sharon comatosed, DC swept covertly as NY pre-911 (illnesses in energy) zaps, and Russell Tice threatened and discredited, as I. INFILTRATING INDUCED SEISMIC waves/ATTACKS ON WATERFRONT PROPERTIES EAST COAST & WATER WARS WITH TURKEY, EGYPT TAKING ISRAEL DOWN BEHIND THE SCENES! Exec Order 11005- to take over WATERWAYS East Coast after Climate and Piracy infiltrations! What’s going on and how it’s been done duping “We the People” for Communism, Tyranny and Fascism! Creating Red Tape, Bureaucracy from the minds.

CIA-NSA transmissions-current Assassinations: NSA, DOD Directed Energy Weapons frying life & earth-2015 planning to invade Egypt and Turkey under the disguise of a Water Shortage War, building behind scenes since 2007. Taking us and Israel down duplicitous decoy. The new weapon of war (mass destruction duped diversions) is out and was in the hands of the CIA Cult of Intelligence! HOW & WHY 911 masterminded! The root of all agendas must be exposed and stopped before too late! See history collectively repeating by design!

APPEARING and available for radio, testimony, or interviews. Petitioning US Supreme Court, under threat with proof CIA covert ops behind scenes SSP & black budgets! Remote Viewing started in the American homes and jobs, with our children since Apollo 7 witnesses never returned (Satellite)!

Death Ray” for planes-Tesla’s invention in 1940 and a $2,000,000,00 device to zap and melt an airplane motor 250 miles away and an Invisible Chinese Wall of defense was built around the Country, no matter how large an attack, (Teleforce, manifests FREE energy and creates rays; zapping beams, the new invisible war (Dr. Becker, Naomi Wolf, and Sharon Weinberger “Imaginary Weapons). Warden cliff Tower in full action in Long Island NY, as 36 other stations globally, that beam massive volume of Free Energy. (The New York Times, Sunday September 22, 1940-Science and Patents, Education News) One costly, energy zap causes confusion, mistakes, trip, fall, body temp-freeze, heat, fatigue, focus, mis- communication, concentration, sleep (Kucinich-US patent MKDELTA), stalling any engine. HAARP, Body Electric, and Mass Control Human Engineering.

Israel-framed while dividing all people to conquer! CIA predicts, (no creating) to carry out- water (WAR) and pricing shortage, 2015-mind control transmissions zaps dry heat in body and energy-taking us down, Israel, Middle East, Africa. Overpopulation video from Pentagon staging us for the next invasion-ASSASSINATED Allison Des Forges in Hudson River mind control plane CrashStaged and Senator Ed Ted Kennedy zapped. Both Civil rights Africa, Water and Dry Land zapped already planning to invade them and brainwash one world govt. Emulating the Torah scriptures! Manchurians, and IRS,CIA bldgs!

Major cities experiment to increase crime in the 70’s by mind control never ceased GENERATING BIGGER GOVT, INDUCING MISHAPS-MISFORTUNES, entrapment and now TERRORISM? Infiltrations of BRAINWASHING SCHOOLS-WEAKEN their ARMY take down ISRAEL and America going Global Agenda.

Egypt largest Military, Turkey Sibel gagged SSP created doubts and to hide conspiracy agenda of NWO) CIA masterminds. A public brainwashed to allow it unwittingly, in the White House, to next calamity and Global Domination Conspiracy of the minds! Connecting 50 yrs of dots! ie; General Anthony Zinni (wikepidia) and changed minds! (Brainwash on the job as many others, see how it’s done) CIA Predicts The Future 2015 – Water Resources. 2007 video comments. (Unwitting agents channeled to Infiltrate) “Waging War” since the Church Committee 1974! Charges were made 2 administrations concerned and NEVER ABOLISHED. “May be drawn into the fight trying to stop it” John McWethy. Taking over the Globe under the disguise of helping others tactics. An unwitting population targeted in advance! DARPA Psyops deployed for 50 yrs.

Bowart, Walter, “Leading Psychiatrist Blows Whistle on Profession: Proves 50 + years of Mind Control “Were we Controlled?” JFK Adventures and False Memory Syndrome Foundation, Cancer Jim Keith-Mass Control Human Engineering. (Pushed/fell??? to his death) Cults in sheep skin! Duplicitous sabotaging behind the scenes APA and AMA to Medical books also for 50 years. FALSE RECORDS and Character/Perception!

Larry Silverstein OWNER of 911 TOWER 7, set up in advance to get insurance and transmitted forced speech of to “pull” firefighters as if involved-NSA transmissions-SABOTAGED as Russell Tice Article “Is the NSA conducting war on Americans(YES, tip of iceberg) 2006 and Media asked, why press didn’t pick it up other than NBC? Operation Mockingbird propaganda unwittingly, updated remote viewing.

Sunstein’s ReportCognitive impairment infiltration is unwitting NOT hired Gangs, creating illusion-Un-realized Kinesthetic! Creating false perception for decades on civilians. Reagan erased with Alzheimer mind control (NLP) CIA programming.

Un-Covered documentary congress marionettes not reading info zapped,to invade Iraq. Mind controlled Out-Foxed video for years-media mockingbird unwittingly, UNREALIZED, updated! The joke culture, misfits in the pentagon cult of intelligence and a dysfunctional country!

Hadassah 90 Billions in Ponzi sabotage away from Jersusalem HOSP funding. Re-Distributing the WEALTH from the Jewish People manipulating our economy further than Corporations. Always keeping their enemies close and destroying their CIA files & buildings. How they took down the economy behind the scenes!

Ariel Sharon zapped into coma (as I), Directed Energy Weapons as planes; because he knew the CIA was corrupt Sabotaging Israel. Kay Griggs Military whistleblower with MIND JABBING attacks (Secret Societies)

1967 USS libertyProject Philadelphia (Hallucinations) blaming ISRAEL- mistake in identity set up-framed, cutting off investigations & news coverage (as usual until exposed 2008 as the shuttle satellite cover up) Start of Anti-Semitism fanned unwittingly since 1947 Act.

Alien UFO Hallucinations Scapegoating with LSD (that CIA brought in and sold to kids). Making Million off the Pharmaceutical now being sued from synthetic side effects and transmitted Synthetic illnesses. VETS Agent Orange non-traceable! Military Cancer and Leukemia, lumps, to all under the disguise of microwaves. “Science under Siege” infiltrating crimes and wars!

Playing GOD (Project Voice of GOD) & devil-The CIA Cult of Intelligence born with National Security Act in 1947, Weapons Stations need to be dismantled ASAP. Buzz in Pentagon “Synthetic Telepathy and Psychotronics” predicted in 1967 instant communication, after…

Public Speeches “Repeatedly staying the course” to brainwash invaded Countries with (excuses), GULF war, “The ENERGY will be just fine“, (Not at all)”we will help one soul at a time“. Hillary “I will not channel my husband” (as in ghost-like transmissions sabotaged Clinton… Rumsfeld: “There is what you know, you don’t know………..” “Didn’t mean to say that or that’s not what I meant”… Obama dividing the people to conquer with “They like to do that, one against the other” Called JACKETING in psyops.

“Secretary Geithner also highlighted …Bear Stearns former Chief Operating Officer of Fixed Income, Paul Friedman, stated rumors were untrue until the telling of rumors made them true.” This is how they do it (Project Stargate research and playing psychic).


1997 DoD Briefing: ‘Others’ can set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely using electromagnetic waves By Lori Price 28 Feb 2010 Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, 28 April 1997: (WAVES, Seismic, radio frying us…) BP mind control transmitted human error!

GUANTANAMO scapegoats displays and focused on the wrong Weapons of mass destruction, brainwash and intelligence masterminded. (Nano thermal debris removed quickly) and Cathy O’Brien, SSP impeding truth. Never getting to the truth—MINDS! INNOCENT and display for false blame and time for false confessions.

Press release below June 2008 was impeded from going out in Boston. The sender reported-disappeared;

A growing number of Americans have reported symptoms that include but are not limited to severe physical trauma such as shocks, stings, burning, nausea, and sleep deprivation. Targeted individuals of domestic terrorism originate from many different backgrounds and are affected in a physical, psychological, social, and financial manner as a result of directed energy weapons assaults. “The average American would be astonished to learn the extent to which secret surveillance technology has advanced from remote viewing and manipulation; torture of the human mind and body horrendous abuses. Measures must be taken to free…”

How the CIA Missed Stalin’s Bomb, 1946-50-printed 2007 but updated 2008. —Remote Viewing and surveillance London Subway Bombing-Staged!!! Water and Odd/even days Petrol, CIA sabotage since 70’s as drugs and crime all un-natural-inducing more plans for Florida.

Judge Napolitano, “Lies the Government told you unwittingly until 2008 cover up pre-empted allegations with political and media transparency… DELUSIONS, RE-READ, … and CONDONED corruptions!

Summary information: CIA brainwashing “We the People” for decades engineering our lives and culture unwittingly with mind and body control, corruptions to destroy humanity (jacketing) one against the other divide and conquer world Communism selecting who will live (Covert condos built miles underground and worse). Jesse Ventura-Ron Paul. Wake up America. Wake up Washington! What’s going on! Our future and every life targeted one way or another witting or unwitting in what is known as, the secret holocaust. Un-realized and programmed not to believe! DATA-MINING, why and SINCE 1974 admittedly?

Tortured, Impeded, Staged, pre-empted (2008), gagged, and threatened for 4 years. Please keep freedom of speech alive not the Opposite News of truths for decades unwittingly setting up the Media in its’ role.

Market inflations and real estate pricing and gouging was all induced from the mind on each individual and as a mass, and part of conspiracy agenda. Corrupting American Minds. And, the suicide??? of a Jewish CFO after 3 months as interim accountant at FANNIE MAE fraud.

Did you know CIA operates on the ground wearing Yamakas to frame Jews, destroying fruit trees and crops against the Torah scriptures, as with our organic natural farms in the U.S. Why?

Did you know that the ISRAELI ART STUDENTS were framed and mind controlled where to live and accepted only in the areas to live as guided to set up and look involved? CONTRARY OF CIA GUILT CREATING DOUBT and so much more BEARING FALSE WITNESS from a neighbor, false memory, fake Gov’t help spinning their wheels. INTERNET & Google lawsuit, libraries, false accusations & false detainments? Capable and do manipulate all Internet remotely with passwords and minds from spying surveillance. As with False imprisoned masses. Sabotaged 911 Commission never to see the light, as 9 Attorneys asking questions-Fired.

Did you know Mind Controlled People and Media is set up with tricks of false thoughts transmitted during conversation and output of written documents to put a SPIN on JOURNALISTS & civilians thus unknowingly creating PROPAGANDA, until now covering their tracks with blatant lies from our government? Decades of news from misunderstanding mind games, disputes, & slanders. No one high enough Q clearance!


Proven Mind Control US psyops deployed on ALL civilians for 50 years

November 13, 2010

Dark History exhibit Have you figured it out yet!

Russell Tice NSA Transmissions killing one soul mind and body at a time

Weapons of mass destruction MOTHER of all EVIL focused on the wrong weapon of MASS destruction taking us down!

For full documents, information, press release, appeals and photos/exhibits-see

Talk about it, expose it, write about it to our Government and stop them before too late.


U.S. Const. Amendments: As in Complaint and;
I. Freedom of religion, speech, the press, assembly, and petition.
IV. Interdiction of unreasonable searches and seizures;
VIII. Bans cruel and unusual punishment, and excessive fines or bail
IX. Unenumerated rights
XIII. Abolishes slavery and involuntary servitude,

This case was ruled frivolous and fantastic when noble with factual dangers.
Appellant has the right to an immediate Injunction Relief from Government torture protection, and for redress and grievance. The opinion made no mention of NUMERUOUS Political Officials and Agencies’ admissions of these allegations (subsequently below), with weapons patented and proven to be in use nefariously and covertly against “We the People”, inclusive of our own Government falling victim. Appellant requested a leave of court, FOIA request, investigations, right of review, proper media warning, emergency hearing, protection, and an injunction to cease immediately. Appellant was denied justice and the right to defend herself and prove her case, and/or opportunity for accountability and discoveries with Critical Agency Admissions and information provided seemingly Un-read or Un-realized, and to cause subject to be diagnosed with ill mental health”. (Compl ¶15 p 10- Appx N exhibited)
On July 7, 2010, Appellant had her Complaint above said case taken from
the counter before mailing, and upon arrival at court house, Complaint was unwittingly switched on Chief Judge’s desk regardless of calls and written instructions. Prior Complaint unwittingly switched was missing names of current high profile individuals and current assassinations. Days later, Appellant also caught Case Complaint which was unwittingly switched with Pharmaceutical case when loaded by Pacer electronically, as with numerous other obstacles for 4 years in attempt to expose and warn what she has figured out.
On or about August 12, 2010, Appellant went on the air and provided a recorded 45 minute interview but no one in DC or across North America and Canada stations had heard the interviews and had been redirected, all week to another phone line to impede communication and full disclosures while building discredits and wars, (as incorrect websites and phone calls misdirected). Appellant notified radio host, a Former Police Officer (working on crimes and the paranormal) and found it was a technical difficulty and/or human error. Appellant has also been heavily blocked by an unwitting public, daily in this fashion tangibly and non-tangibly, from electronic transmitted communications, with heavy mind and body control experimentations, and recruitment attempts for CIA using Remote Viewing (satellite apparatus) today called NSA transmissions, which include transmitted synthetic illnesses to millions. RUSSELL TICE case, an NSA agent blew the whistle on all accusations and torture of Electronic Warfare on Americans. (See Subsequent Public Statements quoted to the Press)

Appellant had to amend Complaint and had not made monetary claims
originally. (Motion for Relief 1 through 8) Appellant was then denied claims for damages in 2nd (Compl ¶255), Injunction, surveillance and spying, privacy, torture, along with the civil rights violations, witness protective plan, media request, Int’l tortures, and 27 Counts of violations. Appellant is further retaliated against for attempting to WARN the public or file suit. Appellant is under threat, without delusion or doubt and has proof of all allegations, being pre-empted, impeded from the minds from others to block her, and is threatened as many other prominent radio hosts and activists by our Gov’t in attempts to expose conspiracies carefully masterminded behind the scenes (un-wit-unrealized). One mind, one life, one threat, one CANCER has been too many for another decade or another day, at the hands of mind control disbeliefs programmed for years “eyes wide shut”. This case should be heard and investigated by all. Appellant has proof, trying to save lives, and is under threats to relocate to DC. Neuro-Directed Energy Weapons of Mass Destruction have been around admittedly for decades in Covert Gov’t hands. Citations are uncontested law and one can no longer ignore these patented facts by our Gov’t, DARPA projects and others, nor slander anyone as delusional fanciful, with the subsequent USA information below including Russell Tice article stating such and attesting to Appellant’s experience and knowledge with what has been discovered since 2008. (EMF Insulin, Blood, NLP, and Liver disease) The covert Intelligence is with Malice and should be stopped immediately. Media is now publishing a “Government has gone amuck” to whitewash, and much worse with opposite news fanned for years. “Lies the Gov’t told you” by Judge Napolitano, a system that has not worked, for these reasons failing millions of our own people, suggesting to re-read and deceptions. Ie: Whistleblower Griggs calling it mind jabbing and Dr. Bowart False Memory Syndrome, unwitting APA. (Appx B and Democracy Now “Stop the Madness”) It has been our own programmed disbelief for years and hidden advanced Technology that has enabled this Country to arrive at this point unwittingly from behind the scenes, and must be stopped and dismantled. People are starting to wake up. Architects and Engineers Movement and Congressman Ron Paul Supporters want to know, former Gov’t Officials, Unsolved Mysteries, Phenomenon, Alex Jones and massive events across the Nation under Brian Glick reports want the truth, know that MKULTRA mind control is in full operation, and so should every one with sound minds and realization of this sense. Pledges and admission statements made by U. S. Officials since 1976 and over the years recent, to dismantle these powerful mind control Neurological Directed Energy Weapons have been proven thus, continue for decades to today’s 911 false terrorism in the guise of Muslims to manifest war worse than before on US Soil, and INDUCED seismic waves as other energy waves to cause contaminations, economic manipulations, trends, and population control induced behind the scenes. (Appx H) Appellant also has witnessed redirected phone calls, websites, and email communications tangibly and as done to Attorneys leaving Country just to work on Iraq matters here, without further impediments. (Compl Counts III and IV) Appellant has been impeded and blocked with emails, specific selective viruses, faxes, deliveries, voicemails and phone lines/calls while with various Communication Companies across the Country including DSL lines and can provide records showing activities for years behind the scenes un-wit from remote viewing, and password access to www. private CORPORATION servers with tips to VERIZON and other lawsuits. FALSE accusations as one case example, untraceable. (Compl ¶32 and ¶201 and (NSA, Verizon joined with AT&T M06-1791 VRW) individuals, google, and EFF).

Appellant has statements of Federal Employees and Government Officials, Presidents with ADMISSIONS of Non-Fanciful Weapons of Electronic WARFARE over the years as to MILLIONS of Americans targeted unwittingly. A class action suit with its attorney (married to the DA in CO, and funded by a Silicon Valley University on Mind Control NSA transmissions impeded and no longer available for the very reasons of this Lawuit (non-gang related conspiracy, but an unwitting public used in all professions that “We the People” have a responsibility to stop before too late, by power in numbers to dismantling this Mother of all Evil Weapon, or suffer future catastrophic consequences more than Seismic WAVES, Cancer, or free will). (Compl ¶50, Appx E).

Appellant is being denied her rights, and the Judicial System has not connected the dots yet, on prior crimes from these technology weapons that blighted the Courts 40 years ago to bring us to this point and a corrupted Country and infiltrated Culture. Appellant will show mind manipulations in this Country are created with transmitted hallucinations on the public to cover up an agenda against humanity collectively, since “Big Brother Technology” spying. This began in HOLLYWOOD and GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS and which some outsiders already realized the masterminds in the U.S. by DIA. Appellant has records of unwitting transmitted victims within DOJ, Congress (Un-covered documentary) unread to invade Iraq to set up and brainwash their people as other Countries for mass control infiltrations, and mind controlled (Out-foxed media video) jacketing one against the other, psyops techniques for years with the use of all waves and resonance of frequencies. TruTV and media experiencing various pressures not to air any Gov’t Conspiracies and quash all related topics. Appellant reviewed her Quantum Physics Governmental studies from 2007 with information to support the new findings found at (Appx N highlighted with O) and her prior allegations, since under attack by this Directed Energy Weapon.

Appellant attempted to receive assistance from Congress and the Intelligence Committee Senator Bill Nelson’s Office and Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite and was told that they had only been able to cease some not all victims seeking help, as it is selective Directed Energy Weapons. Appellant’s case was closed after a visit with other officials in DC. (Dennis Kucinich bill, Space Preservation Act 2005 in part-was quashed with citations of Remote viewing manipulations on millions of Americans so far. (Compl ¶21 and PARTIES). Today, according to former NSA employees and NY congressional committee volunteers, the burden of proof on victims should be on the defendants.
Appellant is with proof, witnesses, interviews and reports, from Leading Psychiatrist Dr. Walter Bowart (before his death and his son silenced), who blew the whistle on 50 years of mind control and FALSE MEMORY SYNDROME FOUNDATION, (and worse-by CIA remote viewing), and in our courts and streets, Russ Tice statements of NSA transmissions in use to sabotage lives, other CIA whistleblowers, of mind control including Operation Mockingbird (updated remotely) but publicly admitted brainwash mis-information (with a divided CONGRESS) permeating our Media unwittingly from these transmissions for decades creating our propaganda mass “COMMUNICATION CHAOS”, (2 opposite thoughts at once), DISPUTES, and A SYNTHETIC engineered culture. (Covert Propaganda infiltrated as psyops on US Soil).

Appellant is with the device (intercepted) and military patents, science, documents of CIA MKULTRA and statement of Manchurians to assassinate G. Bush in the 80’s, and these very Technology Weapons of Mass Destruction (diverted focus created) in use for 911, as well as 9 DOJ attorneys fired for asking too many questions of what would have been to be uncovered. On August 5, 2009 Associated Press printed that the CIA denies faking Al Qaida Iraq letter, which agents are un-wit of within their own and of their missions with erased memory etc. (Press release Sept 13, Appx H) Everyone spinning their wheels too busy to REALIZE and “dumbed down”. (Jim Keith and Operation Mind Control, an engineered culture) On March 31, 2008 at 10:30 am, a letter in strong opposition written to JUDGE JOHN ROCKEFELLER IV intelligence Committee, regarding S. 2035 “free flow of information act” from ROBERT GATES at DOD is condoning unwittingly DUPLICITOUS, MASSIVE CRIMES generated against AMERICAN CIVILIANS and conspiracy hiding behind SSP “as QUITE the CONTRARY on all counts that is headed into GRAVE DANGERS. Mind Control has been infiltrated psyops on civilian culture and population since 1947 and the 70’s deployed Remote Viewing. BREACHED contracts of spying in EU, AU, UK, Israel, and other invaded Countries with spying and manipulating mind wars.

Appellant is heavily tortured, pre-empted, framed, staged and sabotaged, with cover ups in the media and building discredit with tangible events whitewashing history with each accusation, to discredit, since 2008 in efforts to go public, to the FBI, and to file suit. Appellant has made further discoveries of corruptions with these weapons of psyops against humanity, as Government Physicist Lieutenant Tom Bearden warned the dangers many decades ago “for your thoughts may not be your own” creating a matrix covertly for Power and Control, ULTIMATELY. (Compl ¶20)
Appellant does not know how to present this case with so much information to provide and obtain EMERGENCY injunction relief or a hearing, as DEMANDED in Complaint and Motion for relief to verify documents, with continued DANGERS to travel or come to DC again or ever take the witness chair. Appellant is praying for legal and procedural assistance of this court to be heard, prove her case and warn “We the people”. Appellant does not know if Complaint has been read or realized in full by JUDGE JOHN D BATES with NO mention of SABOTAGE HALLUCINATIONS MKULTRA DEPLOYED for 50 YEARS to MILLIONS OF AMERICANS at ¶15, 16, 17 and much worse by others throughout. (Compl ¶23 through ¶50 victimized, and below page 14 quoted by Mr. Tice), whereas Appellant was comatose for 72 hours (as Ariel Sharon) in her home to start “THE PROCESS” for CIA espionage, sexual slavery in the White House and Behavior modifications, recruitment and brainwash programming via Remote Viewing. As with the Obama Sunstein’s report of cognitive infiltration, Appellant will prove this has been infiltrated in our society causing all accusations since Church Committee never ceased as promised by Officials. Appellant attempted to tell DOJ in 1996 when targeted for 5 years as “Imaginary Friend/Enemy” to obey, experimenting for Combat, robots, on the ground communications, and has years of copious notes for feedback and intent, with numerous others complaining of mind control at the same time emerged, and at a time when BUDGETS were of great concern at DOD in SAN DIEGO and Pres. Clinton’s public (partial) apology. DIA has done a terrific job at keeping it to a minimum if complete disbelief brainwash since the 70’s. The 911 Pilot training in connection with HAARP stations “The Ultimate Weapon of Conspiracy” by Jerry Smith also died of CANCER March, 2010 and Appellant has been threatened with zaps to her body, organs, hair, etc, as other credible victims and politicians claim is going on, with experiments in full action and “Science under Siege”. Physicist Dr. Bill Nelson and Dr. Nick Begich ALASKAN Political family “Angels don’t play this HAARP” also asking questions and was impeded. Another impeded resolution was from John Herschel Glenn Jr., 1974-1999, former astronaut on CANCER and radiation, and U.S. politician who Introduced a Bill (Compl ¶14 and ¶25) As with AIPAC related framed (cases), Kevin Trudeau and FDA mass corruptions via NSA transmissions with scapegoats for all their shadowing conspiracies, and OJ Simpson to murder his wife and “get away with it” in advance, sabotaged cases tampering with minds not just evidence, from many minor criminal cases to highest dollar cases and victims. The most sabotaged cases were the ones TELEVISED with sensory deprivations, and in front of the world (infiltrating humans into cold robots and locked doors culture is not organically grown but agenda). Millions are victims and are concerned! What’s going on? Wake up America! Wake up Washington! The answers are N.O.W. nefariously, toppling the ECONOMY and 911, the creations of 50 years of ignoring, neglecting MIND CONTROL WAVES and ELF, Ultimate Weapon behind the scenes and hiding behind SSP (1947). The Sibel Edmonds case and linguistic accusation of impaired translations were NSA transmissions “communication chaos”; another case never came to light and its true findings of 911. Both Muslim and Jew framed. Larry Silverstein of WTC 7 framed well in advance with insurance and transmissions to “PULL” topple building, and government offices. Appellant will demonstrate and tie major historic events as Allison Des Forges staged plane crash in Hudson River with Death Rays for planes (Warden Cliff Towers) and Senator Kennedy zapped Cancer. “(CIA Predicts The Future 2015 – Water Resources.)” General Zinni changed minds, Water Wars in manifesting with Turkey and Egypt, false natural resource shortage, as with Seismic induced East Coast INFILTRATIONS as predictions for WATERFRONT properties, and warnings to Congress ignored of Piracy and Florida EMF Red Tide to cover up with BP transmissions of human errors. Tesla’s invention in 1940 and a $2,000,000,00 device to zap and melt an airplane motor 250 miles away and an Invisible Chinese Wall of defense was built around the Country, no matter how large an attack, (Teleforce, manifests FREE energy and creates rays; zapping beams, the new invisible war “Imaginary Weapons). Warden cliff Tower is in full action in Long Island NY, as 36 other stations, globally that beam massive volume of Free Energy. (The New York Times, Sunday September 22, 1940-Science and Patents, Education News). One energy zap is COSTLY, causes confusion, trip, fall, body temp-freeze, heat, mis-communication, fatigue, focus, concentration, sleep, mistakes, (Kucinich-US patent under MKDELTA), and stalling any engine.

All hiding behind the scenes and SSP, a letter to Judicial Committee was sent in July prior to this writ of information. The attached email from 2009 was never responded to and was unverifiable as numerous other communications for years. (See App. G3) Press release was impeded and forwarded to Al Gore on September 17, before revisions, Bear Stearns manipulations, and Famous Public Speeches. “The Energy will by just fine.” (App. H)
Appellant was traumatized and is suffering and would like to provide medical records, police, Judicial court records (staged to appeals with delays to change minds with TIME, and other credible witness information and testimonies to prove, manifest how, what this world is coming to (prior to 2008). Appellant requested a leave of court to amend as Appellant is under immediate threat (as family and car accidents) and cannot obtain counsel.

Appellant has become increasingly realized of the severity and magnitude of these weapons in use nefariously and globally on civilians and is growing. On September 3, 2010, Appellant woke up with loud ringing in the ears to find further attacks are attempted currently to penetrate her auditory cortex if continued efforts are made to expose and cease. From CLASS ACTION suit members, this type of attack can be deadly in various ways, and is TORTUROUS. It included sleep depravation until 4AM and loud alarms and outside extreme motor noises, for days prior as well as by phone, voice mail, electronic intrusions and transfers and 5 hours to obtain a flight ticket by phone to DC and blocked internet account set up with providers, (WITH AMPLIFIED SUGGESTIONS or modulations) and sensitivities to entrain and channel further connectivity sound waves during tired sleep not to awake programming. In the Jawad case No. 05-cv-2385 (RMU) GUANTANAMO prisoners are kept tired to be programmed during sleep and not wake up with interruptions techniques. This sleep disorder goes on in AMERICAN homes with sleep disorders that began 40 years ago or so. Appellant was able to record and video these awful events and suspects is being entrained mentally to accept such intrusions. Appellant is harassed and sabotaged daily, to impede her expert witness testimonies and WARN the people how and where this Country is being taken down behind the scenes and by an unwitting public timed in advance to sabotage lives. More than what Tice stated in full article and more than each of my accusations are already being investigated by analysts since my efforts have been taken to several authorities; the NSA began searching for an Attorney upon my threats and lawsuit on May 28th. Historically, numerous citizens, have not been amongst just Officials but anyone who dares to expose and prevent the corruption, abuse of power, and conspiracy underway, unsuccessfully because they are under the influence of mind controls UNREALIZED, always missing the mark and as Sunstein’s Report with Cognitive Infiltrations is not gang related but psyops on the American Ordinary People. (Quoting what Appellant’s accusations are from years of her documented Government torture, sabotaged life in front of a Sheriff Department, and framed with the exact events below which are that of cults and Church Committee tactics going on today. Russell Tice, a Hero Under GOD, Jim Keith and Dr. Walter Bowart not gone in vein. This Country is not only being usurped legally or Constitutionally, but psychologically one mind and soul at a time allowing it to evolve from 50 years of transmitted Americans and criminal. Currently experiencing additional unpleasant attacks as follows, with full article at (Appx N) that should not be discounted:

“Is the NSA Conducting Electronic Warfare On Americans?

Russ Tice, former NSA intelligence officer and current Whistleblower, was to testify before the Senate
Armed Services Committee this week. Apparently the testimony, Mr. Tice wanted to give, makes General Hayden’s phone surveillance program look like very small potatoes. Mr. Tice’s testimony is expected to reveal further illegal activity overseen by General Michael Hayden which even loyal and patriotic NSA employees view as unlawful. I think the people I talk to next week are going to be shocked when I tell them what I have to tell them. IT’S PRETTY HARD TO BELIEVE, Tice said…. NSA personnel can control the lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals in the U.S. by using the NSA’s domestic intelligence network and cover businesses. The operations independently run by them can sometimes go beyond the bounds of law. LONG-TERM CONTROL AND SABOTAGE OF TENS OF THOUSANDS OF UNWITTING CITIZENS BY NSA operatives is likely to happen. NSA Domint has the ability to covertly assassinate U.S. citizens or run covert psychological control operations TO CAUSE SUBJECTS TO BE DIAGNOSED WITH ILL MENTAL HEALTH. National Security Agency Signals Intelligence Electronic Brain Link Technology NSA SigInt can remotely detect, identify and monitor a person’s bioelectric fields etc…………
The frequency to which the various brain areas respond varies from 3 Hz to 50 Hz. Only NSA Signals Intelligence modulates signals in this frequency band. An example of EMF Brain Stimulation:
Brain Area-Bioelectric Resonance Frequency Information Induced Through Modulation
Motor Control Cortex 10 HZ Motor Impulse Co-ordination

Auditory Cortex 15 HZ Sound which bypasses the ears

Visual Cortex 25 HZ Images in the brain, bypassing the eyes

Somatosensory Cortex 09 HZ Phantom Touch Sense

Thought Center 20 HZ Imposed Subconscious Thoughts

This modulated information can be put into the brain at varying intensities from SUBLIMINAL TO PERCEPTIBLE.
Each person’s brain has a unique set of bioelectric resonance/entrainment frequencies. Sending audio information to a person’s brain at the frequency of another person’s auditory cortex would result in that audio information not being perceived. Additionally, A 1994 congressional hearing reported that nearly HALF A MILLION AMERICANS were subjected to some kind of cold war era tests, often without being informed and without their consent. In addition, experimentation law is well grounded in constitutional and international law. It is an under-reported fact that two major reports on human rights and torture in the U.S. recently listed illegal radiation experiments. Many more facts are documented below. Therefore, human research subject protections should be a high priority and are just as significant as current issues of torture and illegal wiretapping. It is time for America to wake up. It is time for America to protect its Whistleblowers who are our last line of defense against dictatorship and despotism. It is time for America to take responsibility for oversight of its tax dollars and elect leaders who will assume such responsibility now. Yes, the war on terrorism is important. It is even more important and fearful if the terrorism is from within and unknowingly funded by hard working American citizens. There is no Special Access Program beyond the oversight of political leaders elected by the people and for the people. If these political leaders jeopardize national security then that shall be handled in a court of law. But to tell America, to tell the American people, to tell the political leaders elected by the American people that America does not deserve to know what happening in the NSA’s dark, black rooms, with billions of dollars, behind closed doors, when we know that privilege has already been abused; that is the true definition of terrorism. That is the true definition of Communism and a Police State, no oversight. So fellow Americans, you may hem and haw in the face of truth but know that one day you will realize that your country has been usurped from the very principles upon which it was founded.
Godspeed, Russ Tice, the Patriots are with you.”
“RUSSELL TICE: If that was done and, you know, I use a big “if” here, and, remember, I can’t tell you what I know of how N.S.A. does its business, but I can use the wiggle words like “if” and scenarios that don’t incorporate specifics, but nonetheless, if U.S. gateways and junction points in the United States were used to siphon off information— AMY GOODMAN: Do you expect you are being monitored, surveilled, wiretapped right now? RUSSELL TICE: Yes, I do As a matter of fact”
“April 1, 1976, Attorney General Levi announced the establishment of a special review committee within the Department of Justice to notify COINTELPRO victims that they were the subjects of FBI activities directed against them. Notification will be made “in those instances where the specific COINTELPRO activity was improper, actual harm may have occurred, and the subjects are not already aware that they were the targets of COINTELPRO activities.” 315
“Further, the Department will have acknowledged — finally — that COINTELPRO was wrong. Official repudiation of the programs is long overdue. (Wiretapping began with Hoover in 1940)”
“The American people need to be assured that never again will an agency of the government be permitted to conduct a secret war against those citizens it considers threats to the established order. Only a combination of legislative prohibition and Departmental control can guarantee that COINTELPRO will not happen again. The notification program is an auspicious beginning. This “rough, tough, dirty business” included infiltration of political groups, psychological warfare, legal harassment, and extralegal force and violence. “The FBI and police threatened, instigated and conducted break-ins, vandalism, assaults, and beatings. The object was to frighten dissidents and disrupt their movements,” write Mike Cassidy and Will Miller. “They used secret and systematic methods of fraud and force, far beyond mere surveillance, to sabotage constitutionally protected political activity. The purpose of the program was, in FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover’s own words, to ‘expose, disrupt, misdirect, discredit and otherwise neutralize’ specific groups and individuals.”
“Secretary Geithner also highlighted …Bear Stearns former Chief Operating Officer of Fixed Income, Paul Friedman, stated rumors were untrue until the telling of rumors made them true.”
“Fannie Mae interim Jewish Accountant suicide after 3 months on fraud”
“Framed as Larry Silverstein to redistribute wealth away from Jews to topple the economy agendas and framing Israel Conspiracies uncovered!”
“March 31, 2010 in the Islamic Foundation v Obama case, Judge Walker ruled the TSP as unlawful and violated FISA. “
“NEW CASE Dr. Orly Taitz V. Obama with Judge’s courage, NON-SENSE” and responsibility necessary to dismantle this covert CIA ops and weapons of mass destruction with many deaths like Prosecutor Ted Stevens articles””
“Obama staffer wants ‘cognitive infiltration’ of 9/11 conspiracy groups
Posted by sakerfa April 14th, 2010-Journal of Political Philosphy in 2008”

“Why hasn’t the press–aside from MSNBC–covered Russell Tice’s revelations on the government’s massive spy apparatus that according to Tice illegally survey’s every US citizens’ purchasing records, emails, phone calls, bank transactions, etc. and maintains the information in massive databases for nefarious uses?” “DNA and why”

“After the Church Committee exposed COINTELPRO, the government report claimed it had dismantled the program. However, in the 1980s, the Reagan administration legalized the tactics (after the fact) by signing Executive Order 12333”. FOLLOWED by FALSE and LOSS Memory!”

“Posted: March 4, 2010 12:42 PM
A Terrible Mistake: H.P. Albarelli’s Investigation into CIA Scientist’s Murder, at the Crossroads of Mind Control and Assassination

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“Where else could a red-blooded American boy lie, kill, cheat, steal, rape and pillage with the sanction and blessing of the All-Highest.” — George Hunter White, U.S. Federal Bureau of Narcotics
For well over half a century, the CIA (and its predecessor, OSS) has been violating the Geneva Conventions and the United States Constitution, subjecting the guilty and innocent alike to “cruel and unusual” treatment. H.P. Albarelli’s A Terrible Mistake — The Murder of Frank Olson and CIA’s Cold War Experiments, a fascinating and important new work of unprecedented depth (10 years in the making and involving numerous first hand interviews), pulls back the curtain on the AGENCY’S DIABOLICAL MIND CONTROL Experiments and EXTENSIVE EFFORTS to assemble and analyze every known substance that could kill a person relatively easily, quickly and SURREPTITIOUSLY.
A Terrible Mistake is the true story of how the CIA drugged one of its own scientists and, when “the little bird” flew through a closed window on the 13th floor of the Statler Hotel in Manhattan, proceeded to publicly insist, for decades to come, that Dr. Frank Olson was mentally unstable and had committed suicide. Albarelli takes us with him as he investigates the question: did Frank Olson jump, or was he pitched?
This compelling tale not only reveals the wherefore and how of Frank Olson’s murder, but looks behind the scenes at CIA and the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, deliciously acquainting us with some of the Agency’s darkest characters, including: Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, head of the notorious MKULTRA program, whose mind control techniques included extensive use of LSD; the evil psychiatrist Dr. Harold Abramson; various Corsican mafia kingpins; and the ultimate spy, Pierre Lafitte. Lafitte was not only glamorously descended from the famous pirate captain, Jean Lafitte, he was also a CIA assassin, who just happened to be working as a bellman at the Statler Hotel the night Frank Olson crashed through a closed window and dropped to his death.
A Terrible Mistake reads like the most gripping of spy novels, as it lays out the roadmap to the drug culture of the 1960s and beyond. Since the 1940s, CIA had been hell-bent on perfecting mind control techniques, including the creation of a “truth drug,” for use in interrogation of captured enemy operatives and to root out the enemies within. These pursuits began with Project BLUEBIRD’s creation of synthetic THC (the active ingredient in marijuana), evolving into Project MKULTRA, in which Agency scientists conducted human experiments with LSD and hypnosis (frequently on American citizens held captive in mental hospitals); and ultimately led the Agency into a close associa-tion with international heroin traffickers.
Dr. Frank Olson was a research scientist in the Chemical Branch of the CIA’s Special Operations Division (“SOD”) at Fort Detrick, Maryland, where he was involved in a wide variety of chemical warfare experiments. Some of these experiments took him to exotic destinations in the Caribbean, where the U.S. Army’s Chemical Corps conducted tests resulting in the deaths of thousands of animals, not to mention the supposedly unintended consequences to the health of the residents of an island near the watery test site.
In the summer of 1951, Dr. Olson and other members of the SOD research team traveled to France, in particular, to the village of Pont St. Esprit, for an operation code named Project SPAN. On August 16th of that year, the entire town of Pont St. Esprit was stricken with a mysterious malady. One Parisian reporter described.”
ACLU Says Government Used False Confessions 02 Jul 2009 The American Civil Liberties Union yesterday accused the Obama administration of using statements elicited through torture to justify the confinement of a detainee it represents at the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The ACLU is asking a federal judge to throw out those statements and others made by Mohammed Jawad, an Afghan who may have been as young as 12 when he was captured. His attorney argued that Jawad was abused in U.S. custody, threatened and subjected to intense sleep deprivation. “The government’s continued reliance on evidence gained by torture and other abuse violates centuries of U.S. law and suggests the current administration is not really serious about breaking with the past,” said ACLU lawyer Jonathan Hafetz, who is representing Jawad in a lawsuit challenging his detention.
“Military prosecutor abruptly quit his post, saying that the case was riddled with problems and that the prisoner had suffered physical and psychological mistreatment while in custody.”
U.S. again [third time] delays releasing CIA torture report 02 Jul 2009 The U.S. government on Wednesday once again delayed the release of a full report on CIA’s controversial interrogation program. The government had intended to complete its review of the 2004 report and release it two weeks ago. But continued interagency debate about how much of the secret report could be made public pushed back the deadline. [See: US wants to [again] delay release of CIA report 26 Jun 2009 and Delay in Releasing CIA Report Is Sought 20 Jun 2009.]
U.S. spy says just followed orders in Italy kidnap 30 Jun 2009 A former U.S. spy at the center of a kidnapping trial in Italy appeared to acknowledge a role in the abduction of a Muslim cleric but said he was only following orders, according to a rare interview published on Tuesday. Robert Seldon Lady is one of 26 Americans, almost all believed to have been working for the CIA, who are accused along with Italian spies of grabbing a terrorism suspect off the streets of Milan in 2003 and flying him to Egypt. There, Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr says he was tortured and held for years without charge. Army faces 20 more torture and abuse claims from Iraqi civilians “”
“Numerous cases have BLIGHTED THE COURTS for decades since 1947 Securities Act and these weapons to be researched and experimented about the time Aliens and Apollo hit the Media, and crimes filled the jails with hallucinations, entrapment, and bearing FALSE WITNESS behind the scenes, MILLIONS made by PHARMACEUTICAL with the start of a communication chaos dis-information Operation Mockingbird, FBI Grandeur delusions, in our books, synthetic illness with the AMA, song writing, DYSFUNCTIONAL non-sense corrupt culture, EVOLVED. Now duped and the EMERGING, explaining so many airport cases and others falsely paranoid using an unwitting public.”
Appellant will show that the above article from Sunstein’s Report is not
hired help or gang-related conspiracies, but what has been impeding A&E 911 truth investigation for 9 years with CIA “Jacketing” to divide and fighting (crimes) on the streets, on line www, turning anyone against the other manifestations unwitting, as Countries creating wars as pawns behind the scenes, Stalking, ID theft, theft and vandalism. Generating false news; OBAMA speech (they like to do that, against each other (diving culture). “Stay the course” to Brainwash, repeatedly Bush speeches (for oil?) and many more duped, (Appx H)), Generating Buzz, FEARS over the years, FLORIDA, and ECONOMIES, Generating Propaganda, Generating Illnesses since missing children on milk cartons, (misfits) in the Pentagon. Journalist, Sharon Weinberger, after PENTAGON interview wrote (“Imaginary Weapons”) and “Wired” Magazine”, and a Globe who saw our Media and Judicial System as a Joke culture, and injustice from within, all with COSTLY zaps as they call it. Appellant purchased from NASA Physicist, the device for $21,000. 00 with Woodpecker scalar waves to Russia and China being used when paranoid Russia had launched theirs breaching airways spying contracts. Appellant had to learn CIA techniques of NLP taught to FBI early 70’s and became certified in Hypnosis in 2008. (Neuro-linguistic Programming which some details were provided of Ft Hood victim, in the (Compl pages 19 and 78)) NLP (1974) is the absolute mind control creations of cognitive impairments, Alzheimer and Dementia, Memory back in timelines, targeting former President Reagan after signing executive order 12333, ADD Scientology and emotional disorders, highest mis-diagnosed ills in America among many new synthetic creations infiltrating Science nefariously for the next generation. New side effects and illnesses plague Americans with no names or traces are endless and documented, as many illusions, delusions, and/or deceptions.
Appellant has knowledge the JUDICIAL SYSTEM has been preventing to save these CRIMES OF HUMANITY, from the MINDS, unwittingly. These activities and other covert programs are being abused with a pattern of experiments and crime corruption on the street since the 1970’s using weapons of technology and Neurological that has investigators spinning their wheels and folks exclaiming, “What is this world coming to, pre 911?” (Tesla Invention and energy 1940) Furthermore, testimonies made in 1977 to U.S. Courts and Congress by whistleblowers Cathy O’brien and CIA Mark Phillips were blocked for reasons of National Security. This 1947 SSP LAW and disbelief and/or forgotten event had unwittingly allowed the crimes and evil corruption to continue in AMERICA at the hands of the most powerful TECHNOLOGY WEAPON of the mind. Too many years of death and torture include every one in this Country somehow. Today some are finally seeing the same has continued to bigger Government crimes and corruption with technology to take over humanity for mass control, Step #9 of 10 (Naomi Wolf, Yale) closer to legalizing Fascism, eyes wide shut: LOSING OUR FREEDOM under the DISGUISE of 911 (nano-thermite findings as ELF-EMF warfare and its speedy debris removal and silenced, etc). Part of a “gradual process” in REVERSING an entire AMERICAN CIVIL WAR and JUDICIAL SYSTEM. Appellant assures the Court that as Access Denied, Trance-formation of America, among many neglected slandered and discredited Whistle- blowers instead of Courageous Heroes; Naomi Wolf, CIA retirees, and NSA employees, reported being hypnotized on the job, are part of GUANTANAMO innocent scapegoats used as Public display tricks to decoy. ACLU reports of false statements of confessions after sending them my information of psyops infiltrations brainwash over time, again reason for delays, and covert sweeping of DC and NY pre 911, whitewashed AFTER 2008 infiltrated to Mosques as Shuttle and much more. Numerous investigations with missed fact -findings at the hands of mind control behind the scenes. Covert condos built underground reports by Jesse Ventura currently in the MIDWEST and false threat of war on US Soil created in the process of being manifested with 911. Mind controlled Pawns, Manchurians and staged London Bombings, as domestically. (App.E3)
Appellant does not consent to the espionage information being transmitted against her will to her discoveries today and should not have been targeted with this experiment and beyond torture and information. Remote View Projects that REQUIRED HUMAN EXPERIMENTING and “The Cult of Intelligence”-occults covertly. Numerous DARPA and Military projects, Pandora’s Box, Voice of GOD. Former United States Government Physicist! 1981-Lt Col. US Army Retired, Pentagon analyst McRae, Ronald, Mind Wars, St. Martin’s Press, 1984, p 127, Psychic Weapons) and synthetic telepathy, (creating wars and crimes on our streets) and the new buzz words in the Pentagon, Operation Northwoods, Project Stargate, Spacestar, (CIA Psychic Remote Viewing and FBI Virtual Project, 1996 respectively), Project Paperclip (Space Medicine), Remote Accupuncture (ELF) electrosis, Project Hybrid Insects & Polar Bears and
hallucinations…), for abusive powers.
Appellant will also provide evidence to the connection of numerous sabotaged court cases, our economy manipulations, and 911 with this WEAPON of technology mind wars used on most Americans for decades. “We the People” had, and have a powerful sturdy foundation to disbelieve MKULTRA and the Church Committee is still active and/or part of the brainwash with massive investigations and CASES diverted for years. Appellant’s quashed and impeded warnings ignored by Congress leading to many deaths, BP oil, ELF EMF Red Tide, Labs-1947, VETERANS un-traceable Agent Orange etc, and many calamities including non-sense, mis applied dysfunctions, delays, sabotaged people and cases from the mind. Henderson v. Veterans Affairs 09-1036, VVA v, CIA cv 09 0037 CW, which has pleadings with mischaracterized discoveries, delays, denials, and refusals, with mind control throughout. On Oct 13, 2010, declarations made by CIA and DOD agents who do not have top secret clearance of covert ops today and who are themselves unwitting victims as other agents and Gov’t Officials as Whistleblower Russell Tice himself. The basis of Appellant’s case and point. Their Affidavit states in 1973 the programs went under severe tight guard secret, which is about when they deployed psyops on the Public for power upon this discovery, which is evolving outside the U S now as a result of no TRANSPARENCY and SSP with a new DHS and revamped FBI, WHITEWASH and lost in generational GAP. Furthermore, Plaintiff has obtained 20,000 pages of documents and videos, and more from Canada before CIA destructions, and went public Aug, 2010. There is no documentation of current NLP, Remote mind control or viewing made available and EXPERIMENTS are REQUIRED especially since patented and Ops admitted by former and current agents, as well as other prominent folks. In addition, there is talk from outsiders of DOD and across the Nation, of CointelPro MIND CONTROL as admitted in the 70’s and with crimes under Operation CHAOS with skepticisms in the White House for 2 Administrations, charges for electronic spying were made back then with data minding since then. (CIA Church Committee Report Page 682, 687 and 1947 Act, and Compl page 5, 7 paragraph 7)They did not cease or abolish this Act, but went black according to Tice and Millions of People so far including those victimized which Appellant interviewed and those with Cancer. Appellant provided the VA with the non-traceable ills of Americans at the hands of this Directed Energy Weapon also used in the Gulf War (Compl Footnote 7 and ¶36, Appx H, N, P-) San Francisco Firm Press Release Media Advisory. Julianne McKinney, Director of these Military Ops is still battling Oversight. (Compl ¶36)
Appellant prayed for an immediate injunction relief and has been under
urgencies, demanding JUSTICE, to prove this case.
I. This Case Presents an Important Violation of our Amendment Laws and the future ROLE of the Judicial system. (Compl ¶28)
II. There is an immediate and serious impact on the Appellant and public’s safety with severe and alarming corruption and crimes to cease.
III. Analogously, in history of these crimes and violations cases involving Cointelpro, Church Committee and MKULTRA, knowledge of the illicit nature is imputed to the defendant, further victimized and traumatized by the public’s disbeliefs, even though technical and credible testimony have been made unrealized, as in United States v. Lindauer Case No. 03 Cr. 807, falsely accused, slandered, delayed, detained, for 2 years as most whistleblowers to impede truth until too late to matter. (Church Committee full report-went black, Compl page 5)
IV. Additionally, because the majority has not been appropriately made aware of the extent of surveillance for the uses of spying, data-mining, breached contracts, treason, and nefarious misuses to humanity, millions more victimized, that would indeed come forward for immediate dismantling of Covert Remote Viewing,
making liars of Public Gov’t Officials, unwittingly. (USSID 18, Compl Page 12)
V. The Appellant made demands for FOIA, damages physical and psychological (with irreparable harm, monetary losses, witness protection, proper media coverage, and an injunction, and has not been free to exercise her rights to speech against the government crimes and to leave her house for the past 4 years and has been retaliated upon in various ways including experimentation of mental GAG orders and House Arrest as with other (ORDINARY UNWITTING PUBLIC, non-gang). These blocks coupled with detainments by law enforcements in all efforts to WARN while DELAYING and covering up accusations. Part of Appellant’s harmful damages is too vexing and mind controlled transmits to err. Appellant was traumatized and is writing pro se with privacy concern. Medical records will be provided for physical and psychological evidence. (Compl page 16, 17, 30, 35, 61, 65, 68, and ¶23, ¶33 ¶63) Symptoms are that of VETS-D.E.W. Neurologic torture, picking up behaviors, illnesses hiding as if organically grown, as cults and synthetic addictions on civilians. Affecting emotions and 5 senses, and this case to prove all, from being targeted to wars.
VI. This Case depicts important Violations of our Amendments that has caused mass chaos, Population Control, and a Society to be disillusioned, misled, along with disbeliefs at the hands of mind control TRANSMISSIONS behind the scenes pawns to create dis-information, mis-understandings and cognitive impairments, to divide and conquer people and to procure and produce exact OPPOSITES (FANNED) of events and harassment. Appellant was extremely Pro-Government 4 years ago, as is the Honorable JUDGE John D Bates, thus has the right to an impartial trial and the public at large needs to know and has the right to know including and especially JUDGES. One should not let a rule prevent truth and crimes if justice and truth is our goal to begin with. JUDGES cannot make correct informed decisions WITHOUT this KNOWLEDGE.
Hazel O’Leary of the DOE and Presidents and others that Electronic Warfare
on US Soil is taking place toward Millions of innocent UNWITTING Civilians included continued operation of COINTELPRO MKULTRA as opinions confirms the allegations dating years back to Church Committee CIA diabolical tactics and NSA transmissions for Electronic Warfare on Americans and humanity. For nothing in the history of humanity and our judicial system can ever be resolved or accountable UNTIL this case and its WEAPON at hand is heard, considered, and ruled, thus bringing CONSPIRACY THEORISTS TO FACT. The American Judicial system needs to recognize these issues and hold this covert shadow Government accountable to successfully CEASE ITS OWN DEMISE as part of the humanities and “We the People” duped and brainwashed within our own CIA terrorists. We are ALL in DANGER, and notice DC that is kept in a Bubble.
VIII. No act of Congress can authorize a violation of the Constitution. The
Constitution cannot be interpreted safely except by reference to common law and to British institutions as they were when the instrument was framed and adopted. In the 2nd case, Plaintiff provided additional names of Assassinations and did have claims for damages, with an added claims made and documentation that this does exist by our own DIA shadow Gov’t. The District court dismissed case as fanciful instead of grounds for repugnancies that can be proven, urgently, and is warranted with merit as victim, target and injured party. (Compl ¶23)
IX. As in the ACLU v. NSA Nos. 06-2095/2140-07a0253, this pattern of Constitutional Violations and torture is victimizing civilians for decades and Appellant is a target of this technology weapon kept covert for nefarious uses and conspiracies. THERE WAS AN ABUSE OF DISCRETION with ALARMING, overwhelming historical facts and admissions of these weapons in use nefariously. Appellant is under attacks and is seeking assistance, and leave of court again to amend, risking her life and family, trying to warn the people, and offered to testify before Congress, after years of torture and courage with enough resources to help her to survive and also demanding discoveries and investigations as to where HUMANITY is heading un-wit, if JUDGES don’t stop them NOW.

“When even one American -who has done nothing wrong- is forced by fear
to shut his mind and close his mouth, then all Americans are in peril.
Harry S. Truman”
“God Bless America, God Bless Humanity!”
In light of the foregoing, the court should reverse the District court’s Order
to dismiss and remand this matter for expedited further proceedings.
Respectfully submitted,
Appellant is Pro se

1 “United States v. Lindauer Case No. 03 Cr. 807
Whistleblower agent remote viewing falsely accused and detained delays until too late to use her information and the 911 brainwash.”

2 “In Katz v. United States, 389 U.S. 347 (1967) Supreme Court ruled that
a search occurs only when 1) a person expects privacy in the thing searched and 2) society believes that expectation is reasonable. In Katz, the Supreme Court ruled that a search had occurred when the government wiretapped a telephone booth.[21] The Court’s reasoning was that 1) the defendant expected that his phone booth conversation would not be broadcast to the wider world and 2) society believes that expectation is reasonable.”

3 “Skilling V. United States, No. 08–1394 Opinion of Sotomayor, J. In sum, I cannot accept the majority’s conclusion that voir dire gave the District Court “a sturdy foundation to assess fitness for jury service.” Cf. ante, at 29. Taken together, the District Court’s failure to cover certain vital subjects, its superficial coverage of other topics, and its uncritical acceptance of assurances of impartiality leave me doubtful that Skilling’s jury was indeed free from the deep-seated animosity that pervaded the community at large. “[R]egardless of the heinousness of the crime charged, the apparent guilt of the offender[,] or the station in life which he occupies,” our system of justice demands trials that are fair in both appearance and fact. Irvin, 366. Because I do not believe Skilling’s trial met this standard, I would grant him relief.”
4 “Constitutional Provisions, Statutes And Policies At Issue First Amendment
to The United States Constitution Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for redress.”

5 “Justice Sandra Day O’Connor-Frank Olson case-Opinion “No rule crafted shall insulate from liability unknowing subjects.”
“OLSON also pushed or fell 9 (by mind control neuro) in strange death as quoted family case and Jim Keith death without LSD cover up IMPORTED by our CIA and sold to kids, and censored book out as Cult of Intelligence sold in Nice.” “The CIA COOPER report was a complete WHITEWASH and history repeating itself by Agenda.”
As required by this Court of Appeals F.R.A.P.P. 25, 28 and 32 (a)(7)(b)(iii), 32 (a)(5), and (6) typeface requirements.
I certify that this brief contains 8304 words at in 14 pt Times New Roman.
I certify that a true copy of the foregoing brief has been furnished in person at 333 Constitution Ave NW, Washington DC 20001Court of Appeals Clerk, and via regular Mail to US Attorney Civil Division, Craig Lawrence at 555 4th Street NW, Washington DC 20530, on November 12, 2010.
I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct on November 12, 2010.
Respectfully submitted,

Mireille Torjman