Press Release Advisory warning WE THE PEOPLE mind control

WARNINGS to “We the People”

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                          September 2010 revised

CONTACT: Mireille Torjman                                                    Federal Whistleblower                                                                   Mobile 954.529.8684                                                              

Sibel Edmonds gagged, Ariel Sharon comatosed, DC swept covertly as NY pre-911 (illnesses in energy) zaps, and Russell Tice threatened and discredited, as I. INFILTRATING INDUCED SEISMIC waves/ATTACKS ON WATERFRONT PROPERTIES EAST COAST & WATER WARS WITH TURKEY, EGYPT TAKING ISRAEL DOWN BEHIND THE SCENES! Exec Order 11005- to take over WATERWAYS East Coast after Climate and Piracy infiltrations! What’s going on and how it’s been done duping “We the People” for Communism, Tyranny and Fascism! Creating Red Tape, Bureaucracy from the minds.

CIA-NSA transmissions-current Assassinations: NSA, DOD Directed Energy Weapons frying life & earth-2015 planning to invade Egypt and Turkey under the disguise of a Water Shortage War, building behind scenes since 2007. Taking us and Israel down duplicitous decoy. The new weapon of war (mass destruction duped diversions) is out and was in the hands of the CIA Cult of Intelligence! HOW & WHY 911 masterminded! The root of all agendas must be exposed and stopped before too late! See history collectively repeating by design!

APPEARING and available for radio, testimony, or interviews. Petitioning US Supreme Court, under threat with proof CIA covert ops behind scenes SSP & black budgets! Remote Viewing started in the American homes and jobs, with our children since Apollo 7 witnesses never returned (Satellite)!

Death Ray” for planes-Tesla’s invention in 1940 and a $2,000,000,00 device to zap and melt an airplane motor 250 miles away and an Invisible Chinese Wall of defense was built around the Country, no matter how large an attack, (Teleforce, manifests FREE energy and creates rays; zapping beams, the new invisible war (Dr. Becker, Naomi Wolf, and Sharon Weinberger “Imaginary Weapons). Warden cliff Tower in full action in Long Island NY, as 36 other stations globally, that beam massive volume of Free Energy. (The New York Times, Sunday September 22, 1940-Science and Patents, Education News) One costly, energy zap causes confusion, mistakes, trip, fall, body temp-freeze, heat, fatigue, focus, mis- communication, concentration, sleep (Kucinich-US patent MKDELTA), stalling any engine. HAARP, Body Electric, and Mass Control Human Engineering.

Israel-framed while dividing all people to conquer! CIA predicts, (no creating) to carry out- water (WAR) and pricing shortage, 2015-mind control transmissions zaps dry heat in body and energy-taking us down, Israel, Middle East, Africa. Overpopulation video from Pentagon staging us for the next invasion-ASSASSINATED Allison Des Forges in Hudson River mind control plane CrashStaged and Senator Ed Ted Kennedy zapped. Both Civil rights Africa, Water and Dry Land zapped already planning to invade them and brainwash one world govt. Emulating the Torah scriptures! Manchurians, and IRS,CIA bldgs!

Major cities experiment to increase crime in the 70’s by mind control never ceased GENERATING BIGGER GOVT, INDUCING MISHAPS-MISFORTUNES, entrapment and now TERRORISM? Infiltrations of BRAINWASHING SCHOOLS-WEAKEN their ARMY take down ISRAEL and America going Global Agenda.

Egypt largest Military, Turkey Sibel gagged SSP created doubts and to hide conspiracy agenda of NWO) CIA masterminds. A public brainwashed to allow it unwittingly, in the White House, to next calamity and Global Domination Conspiracy of the minds! Connecting 50 yrs of dots! ie; General Anthony Zinni (wikepidia) and changed minds! (Brainwash on the job as many others, see how it’s done) CIA Predicts The Future 2015 – Water Resources. 2007 video comments. (Unwitting agents channeled to Infiltrate) “Waging War” since the Church Committee 1974! Charges were made 2 administrations concerned and NEVER ABOLISHED. “May be drawn into the fight trying to stop it” John McWethy. Taking over the Globe under the disguise of helping others tactics. An unwitting population targeted in advance! DARPA Psyops deployed for 50 yrs.

Bowart, Walter, “Leading Psychiatrist Blows Whistle on Profession: Proves 50 + years of Mind Control “Were we Controlled?” JFK Adventures and False Memory Syndrome Foundation, Cancer Jim Keith-Mass Control Human Engineering. (Pushed/fell??? to his death) Cults in sheep skin! Duplicitous sabotaging behind the scenes APA and AMA to Medical books also for 50 years. FALSE RECORDS and Character/Perception!

Larry Silverstein OWNER of 911 TOWER 7, set up in advance to get insurance and transmitted forced speech of to “pull” firefighters as if involved-NSA transmissions-SABOTAGED as Russell Tice Article “Is the NSA conducting war on Americans(YES, tip of iceberg) 2006 and Media asked, why press didn’t pick it up other than NBC? Operation Mockingbird propaganda unwittingly, updated remote viewing.

Sunstein’s ReportCognitive impairment infiltration is unwitting NOT hired Gangs, creating illusion-Un-realized Kinesthetic! Creating false perception for decades on civilians. Reagan erased with Alzheimer mind control (NLP) CIA programming.

Un-Covered documentary congress marionettes not reading info zapped,to invade Iraq. Mind controlled Out-Foxed video for years-media mockingbird unwittingly, UNREALIZED, updated! The joke culture, misfits in the pentagon cult of intelligence and a dysfunctional country!

Hadassah 90 Billions in Ponzi sabotage away from Jersusalem HOSP funding. Re-Distributing the WEALTH from the Jewish People manipulating our economy further than Corporations. Always keeping their enemies close and destroying their CIA files & buildings. How they took down the economy behind the scenes!

Ariel Sharon zapped into coma (as I), Directed Energy Weapons as planes; because he knew the CIA was corrupt Sabotaging Israel. Kay Griggs Military whistleblower with MIND JABBING attacks (Secret Societies)

1967 USS libertyProject Philadelphia (Hallucinations) blaming ISRAEL- mistake in identity set up-framed, cutting off investigations & news coverage (as usual until exposed 2008 as the shuttle satellite cover up) Start of Anti-Semitism fanned unwittingly since 1947 Act.

Alien UFO Hallucinations Scapegoating with LSD (that CIA brought in and sold to kids). Making Million off the Pharmaceutical now being sued from synthetic side effects and transmitted Synthetic illnesses. VETS Agent Orange non-traceable! Military Cancer and Leukemia, lumps, to all under the disguise of microwaves. “Science under Siege” infiltrating crimes and wars!

Playing GOD (Project Voice of GOD) & devil-The CIA Cult of Intelligence born with National Security Act in 1947, Weapons Stations need to be dismantled ASAP. Buzz in Pentagon “Synthetic Telepathy and Psychotronics” predicted in 1967 instant communication, after…

Public Speeches “Repeatedly staying the course” to brainwash invaded Countries with (excuses), GULF war, “The ENERGY will be just fine“, (Not at all)”we will help one soul at a time“. Hillary “I will not channel my husband” (as in ghost-like transmissions sabotaged Clinton… Rumsfeld: “There is what you know, you don’t know………..” “Didn’t mean to say that or that’s not what I meant”… Obama dividing the people to conquer with “They like to do that, one against the other” Called JACKETING in psyops.

“Secretary Geithner also highlighted …Bear Stearns former Chief Operating Officer of Fixed Income, Paul Friedman, stated rumors were untrue until the telling of rumors made them true.” This is how they do it (Project Stargate research and playing psychic).


1997 DoD Briefing: ‘Others’ can set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely using electromagnetic waves By Lori Price 28 Feb 2010 Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen, 28 April 1997: (WAVES, Seismic, radio frying us…) BP mind control transmitted human error!

GUANTANAMO scapegoats displays and focused on the wrong Weapons of mass destruction, brainwash and intelligence masterminded. (Nano thermal debris removed quickly) and Cathy O’Brien, SSP impeding truth. Never getting to the truth—MINDS! INNOCENT and display for false blame and time for false confessions.

Press release below June 2008 was impeded from going out in Boston. The sender reported-disappeared;

A growing number of Americans have reported symptoms that include but are not limited to severe physical trauma such as shocks, stings, burning, nausea, and sleep deprivation. Targeted individuals of domestic terrorism originate from many different backgrounds and are affected in a physical, psychological, social, and financial manner as a result of directed energy weapons assaults. “The average American would be astonished to learn the extent to which secret surveillance technology has advanced from remote viewing and manipulation; torture of the human mind and body horrendous abuses. Measures must be taken to free…”

How the CIA Missed Stalin’s Bomb, 1946-50-printed 2007 but updated 2008. —Remote Viewing and surveillance London Subway Bombing-Staged!!! Water and Odd/even days Petrol, CIA sabotage since 70’s as drugs and crime all un-natural-inducing more plans for Florida.

Judge Napolitano, “Lies the Government told you unwittingly until 2008 cover up pre-empted allegations with political and media transparency… DELUSIONS, RE-READ, … and CONDONED corruptions!

Summary information: CIA brainwashing “We the People” for decades engineering our lives and culture unwittingly with mind and body control, corruptions to destroy humanity (jacketing) one against the other divide and conquer world Communism selecting who will live (Covert condos built miles underground and worse). Jesse Ventura-Ron Paul. Wake up America. Wake up Washington! What’s going on! Our future and every life targeted one way or another witting or unwitting in what is known as, the secret holocaust. Un-realized and programmed not to believe! DATA-MINING, why and SINCE 1974 admittedly?

Tortured, Impeded, Staged, pre-empted (2008), gagged, and threatened for 4 years. Please keep freedom of speech alive not the Opposite News of truths for decades unwittingly setting up the Media in its’ role.

Market inflations and real estate pricing and gouging was all induced from the mind on each individual and as a mass, and part of conspiracy agenda. Corrupting American Minds. And, the suicide??? of a Jewish CFO after 3 months as interim accountant at FANNIE MAE fraud.

Did you know CIA operates on the ground wearing Yamakas to frame Jews, destroying fruit trees and crops against the Torah scriptures, as with our organic natural farms in the U.S. Why?

Did you know that the ISRAELI ART STUDENTS were framed and mind controlled where to live and accepted only in the areas to live as guided to set up and look involved? CONTRARY OF CIA GUILT CREATING DOUBT and so much more BEARING FALSE WITNESS from a neighbor, false memory, fake Gov’t help spinning their wheels. INTERNET & Google lawsuit, libraries, false accusations & false detainments? Capable and do manipulate all Internet remotely with passwords and minds from spying surveillance. As with False imprisoned masses. Sabotaged 911 Commission never to see the light, as 9 Attorneys asking questions-Fired.

Did you know Mind Controlled People and Media is set up with tricks of false thoughts transmitted during conversation and output of written documents to put a SPIN on JOURNALISTS & civilians thus unknowingly creating PROPAGANDA, until now covering their tracks with blatant lies from our government? Decades of news from misunderstanding mind games, disputes, & slanders. No one high enough Q clearance!




One Response to “Press Release Advisory warning WE THE PEOPLE mind control”

  1. eric galt Says:

    RINGING IN THE EARS. AND SLEEP DEPRIVATION. T. L-new world order. My life has been threatened by the cia,after falling out
    With illuminati boss

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